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    Best lockoff kits

    I use the kit from Reece Safety, It does the job. The locks are the same make I don't think you should expect the MCB kits to be robust to stand up to vandalism or a determined individual who wants to remove the lock. The breaker...
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    Power and CAT5 Run for Garden Shed

    Yes you do, the type and size will be decided by your electrician when they carry out the design, unless you are taking responsibility for the design? I would be looking at some armoured CAT5E as it will be the most versatile e.g suitable for clipping to a wall, ducts, direct burying and...
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    Consumer unit breakers

    Testing MCBs as John and BAS suggest is just not practical. It would seem sensible to follow the guidance in BS7671 and GN3. So for ECIRs, 621.1 uses the words "so far as reasonable practicable", I would think for testing MCBs this phase would apply.
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    Consumer unit breakers

    I think it depends on your definition of functional testing. Both BS7671 (612.13.2 and the Inspection Schedule for an ECIR) and GN3 (table 3.3) advocate the manual operation of Circuit Breakers to prove the device disconnects the supply. So MCBs are tested, but not the full extent of...
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    Consumer unit breakers

    Agreed you can't economically test all the functionality of MCBs. I would say MCBs are switchgear, and the Inspection Schedule for ECIR would suggest the same, see item 4.8. MCB can be used for isolation, so checking their operation would be advisable
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    Consumer unit breakers

    Not with an instrument, but the functional testing should take place, see reg 612.13.2
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    Connecting extractor to vent

    PS the two outlet adapter supplied is for recirculation not extract
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    LED Strip Mood Lighting in Kitchen

    I agree with Bernard, when I have supplied & fitted LED strip lighting my local supplier supplied a package, I gave him the lenths of the LED light, how long I wanted the tails, and the manufacturer supplies the lights, driver and controllers.
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    Connecting extractor to vent

    There are lots of reducers available online, but you don't have a lot a space to work with so you many not get it to work. Also the fitting instructions for your fan will no doubt specify 150mm duct, most probably to comply with building regs...
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    Periodic Inspection Test Cost

    A lot would depend on what is included in the inspection, and this should have already been agreed between the two parties. e.g. Will the inspectors inspect & test 100% of all the electrical accessories, will they look behind every switch cover and socket cover, will they inspect and test every...
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    what tool do you guys use to cut 6mm+ T & E
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    Replace light bulb

    you can't lever it out, you may need to purchase a special remover, like these ones here. Basically the suck onto the surface of the lamp and you can pull it out. You can try your local...
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    Terminating SWA in Meter Box? 44mm narrower and 55mm shorter than the wylex the 63A one is even smaller
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    Terminating SWA in Meter Box?

    Most DNOs will not permit customer equipment in the meter box. I recently installed two meter boxes side by side, one for the DNO/Meter Operator, and one for customer's equipment.
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    Electric Shower help please

    It's not that kind of multimeter, more like this
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    Replacing existing lights in my ceiling with downlights.

    First of all you need to check you can actually install the down lights in those positions. It is common practice to place the cables of ceiling lights next to a joist, this gives the installer something secure to fix the fitting to. You can’t simply cut the joists as you will compromise the...
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    Replacing existing lights in my ceiling with downlights.

    Use a suitable junction box
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    Contactor Location

    I made the mistake if fitting a contactor inside a CU (all MK kit). The CU had RCDs, every now and again the operation of the contactor would cause the RCD to trip for no reason. Calls to MK offered no solutions that worked. In the end I moved the contactor to its own enclosure.
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    Raytech MCBs any good?

    Got MK onesfrom TLC before without too much hassle
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    Raytech MCBs any good?

    I have used some of their Caravan Hookups They came with double pole RCBOs. They have been in nearly two years now and so far no reported problems