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  1. Exedon

    Recommend me a Hex key set please

    Wera they do several different sets from cost effective to top of range . I've got one of the colour coded sets about 4 years old used daily lots of hammer no signs of wear .
  2. Exedon

    When is a gas oven a Commercial Appliance and thus a Kitchen a Commercial Kitchen?

    If its regarded as a commercial kitchen you should have a CP 42 gas certificate issued yearly. The lincat cooker you have is normally regarded as a commercial cooker. Interlocking consists of a gas solenoid valve and control panel with a canopy above cooker with fan When fan is activated a...
  3. Exedon

    Stumped - closely coupled cistern has no holes for donut bolt-on kit

    That last picture is not the correct plate! The ideal one is absolutely flat
  4. Exedon

    Stumped - closely coupled cistern has no holes for donut bolt-on kit

    Wrong clamp plate you really need the ideal standard one It's dead flat the bolt heads sit in indents at bottom of cistern Also uses the much bigger O ring type seal that you have.
  5. Exedon

    Old Boiler - One Pipe System - Need To change?

    We regularly work on large one pipe systems normally in large country houses often listed, We mostly do oil boilers but the principle is the same. Flush the system get as much crap out as possible. Separate existing heating system from new boiler with a suitably sized plate to plate...
  6. Exedon

    Bombproof bath waste

    Bristan still do a solid brass chrome waste and overflow Not the cheapest but they do last we used them when we looked after a lot of rental properties.
  7. Exedon

    20+ year chimney stack removal. Do I need bco to improve/fix

    Was that area cylinder cupboard at one time? I've seen similar steel tube put in to support cylinder or cold water cistern.
  8. Exedon

    A rare case of common sense prevailing.

    Not going by last census only 46% identify as christian 37% have no religion at all. Check out 2021 census for full results
  9. Exedon

    Flashing colour

    Maybe cast rather than milled lead? It's usually darker (crap to use as well)
  10. Exedon

    Do anti-scale devices ACTUALLY work?

    As above The process in a water softener is called ion exchange I live / work in a area where the water is described as aggressively hard Only thing that works 100% is a proper ion exchange water softener do need setting up correctly.
  11. Exedon

    Capped 15mm gas pipe stub, in a strange location

    Back in the mist's of time to get a 'free' gas supply from the gas board you had to have a certain number of gas points. On older properties you can still occasionally find oddly placed capped connection especially gas poker points! Having said that I'm certain that was long gone by the 80s.
  12. Exedon

    Salamander pump replacement

    Salamander not what they were. Stuart Turner monsoon way to go we now fit nothing else. My own Stuart Turner 4 bar hot water boost pump now approaching 25 years old one reed switch in all that time.
  13. Exedon

    Public liability insurance for a one off small job

    Large hall in North Lincolnshire large heating/ hot water upgrade heating in screwed steel starting in 3in in plant room in cellar. When I first looked at job going up main stairs was greeted on landing by huge collection on bowls and buckets! Turned out 2 large lead gutter were leaking and...
  14. Exedon

    Constant leaks from pipework around hot water cylinder

    That's a motorised valve that's leaking has above nothing whatsoever to do with cylinder. Whilst compression joints should hold just by being tightened I always use a smear of jointing compound, Bit belt braces and length of string but much better than been called back.
  15. Exedon

    Public liability insurance for a one off small job

    We use Trade Direct insurance services If you talk to them they will taylor your policy exactly to your own requirements. Can also increase your liability limits for short periods for particular jobs. We recently did a large contract on a grade 1 listed building including several weeks...
  16. Exedon

    Grant Vortex 26e - CH & HW led’s flashing

    If you have just changed the ch pump or vented it you've got some water on PCB. Common problem for the unwary. Try a hair dryer can sometimes bring them back to life. Otherwise new board Grant have used 2 very different boards make sure you get correct one. We use heating World of spares...
  17. Exedon

    Flux - Do you have to use same brand

    As above mix and match match My own preference is laco and lead/tin solder (exept for potable water) Having said that I long since swapped to press fit only thing I regularly solder is air vent cap ends.
  18. Exedon

    Oil boiler oil leak under combustion chamber

    Maybe take the burner out ? 13mm spanner/socket required.
  19. Exedon

    Double for single connection issues

    If you don't want to hack into plaster board cut it say 20mm from face of plaster and use a 15mm connector of your choice. May just be room to get a compression in if you don't fancy soldering.
  20. Exedon

    Double for single connection issues

    Stud wall or solid with dot and dab?