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    Need help with hive thermost installation

    Yes but you won’t need that link wire
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    Ideal Logic - No water flow Lockout

    No flow or heat to taps?
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    Ideal Logic - No water flow Lockout

    New house? What a poor install and poor boiler. She’s increased the Central Heating pressure. Thinking it would boost the HW? The blue handle above the white pipe needs opening fully.
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    Myson Apolo boiler - clanging noise

    Yes, it's the inhibitor level
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    Myson Apolo boiler - clanging noise

    A boiler is not a motorbike. Good luck with your issue.
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    Myson Apolo boiler - clanging noise

    Do you drive about in 25 year old car Gladiator?
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    No hot water

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    Magnaclean not 'sitting' properly

    Someone thought about the install then. It's not right and your OCD may get a little more, because basically it's hanging on by 2 o rings. It looks a mess, plus you've damned it by taking it out like you have.
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    Magnaclean not 'sitting' properly

    That's not right. It should sit flush, have you tried winding the red knob towards the filter? Why did you take it off anyway?
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    Ideal Logic case rusting. Leak?

    The condensate connection into your trap under sink is wrong.
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    Ideal Logic case rusting. Leak?

    They have noticed, dried it up, then gone away after your "service".
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    Some help with my radiator - Confusion around converting fittings and valves

    So you want a stylish radiator and want to bodge the fittings? Drain down, remove all old valves. Measure for your new stylish radiator, then decide and plan your next move. Cut and re-pipe or bodge it with compression fittings, or tail extensions. I'm sure your local DIY store can help.
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    General heating system question?

    Search 1 pipe systems.
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    Leak! I think

    If it wasn't there before, then you have a leak. What sealed system do you have and how did you drain it and refill?
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    Boiler leak and error

    Where do you live?
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    Ravenheat C24 Combi Boiler

    Fit 2 8 litre ones. 1 on the flow and 1 on the return. Like tits
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    Combined double check and isolating valve incorrectly fitted?

    They failed an inspection for that?