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    Can I mix "B type" and "C type" MCBs in

    Electrician about to install a new Wylex Part 17 CU in my old flat. Problem is previous wiring situation in that the whole flat ( apart from the lighting ) is currently hanging off one 32amp MCB. Cabling in flat is 2.5mm T&E throughout. So the amount of protection I'm currently gettiung...
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    Wylex Consumer Unit - Legal to remove hinged plastic cover ?

    Thank you all for the useful guidance. You are correct, the Hager is a lot slimmer than the Wylex so that may be the best way to go. I wanted a Wylex CU because I already have some Wylex MCB's and I wanted to re-use these if possible. Not sure a Hager will "take" a Wylex MCB. I will ask the...
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    Wylex Consumer Unit - Legal to remove hinged plastic cover ?

    Hello I want to pay an electrician to replace my old WW2 fuse box with a consumer unit. My problem is the restricted dimensions of my cupboard space. My wooden cupboard is only big enough to contain the consumer unit with the see through hinged plastic cover in the up position, not with the...
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    15mm/22mm compression reducers, just before the pump ?

    Ok thanks for the guidance - I've read around a bit more now. Measuring horizontally, my bath is just four feet away from my HW cylinder so in terms of pump power I'm going to keep the new pump located under the bath and hope this does not compromise performance. I haven't yet measured the...
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    Upgrade base fuse of new CU from 45amp to 60amp

    The meter outside my flat indicates it is supplying electricity to my flat rated at 60 amps. However, when an electrician recently installed a new CU in my flat it was installed with just a 45amp 'base' fuse. I'm concerned that if all my electric heating, cooker, hob, shower, dishwasher and...
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    15mm/22mm compression reducers, just before the pump ?

    How can my plumber install a powerful 3.5 bar twin shower pump under my bath when all my bathroom pipework is in 15mm copper pipes? I won't be doing the work but I still want to be informed and understand the issues. I've checked my CW cistern and HW cylinder. All my pipework from is in...
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    Rubber Flooring, Any good?

    If you google for "7.5mm barrier shield" you will see links to mineral impregnated rubber flooring which is sold in 2 metre long mats. These specialised mats are very heavy, fairly expensive and they lie on top of your sub-floor. The idea is that you do all the necessary cutting in with a...
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    replacing old boards that run under a internal wall?

    I have just been through this and it was really time consuming but I found I could remove the old boards from under the internal wall. IMO You have to do it progressively and naturally you have to provide alternative support and not just leave the wall hanging there ! The technique I used...
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    experimental sound proofing

    I'm currently fitting this arrangement with slight differences. For my sub floor I'm using 18mm marine ply sheets, 8 foot by 4 foot, instead of chipboard. Between the joists I'm packing 200mm high slabs of dense fibre matting. This stuff is high density 140kg/m3 not rockwool and is available...
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    Constructional hearth needs making good

    My fireplace has no decorational hearth, just a constructional hearth, flush with the floorboards. The whole constructional hearth is very weak and crumbly. Also, the far right side has disintegrated completely and needs making good. Which material should I use to repair the...
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    Plywood subfloor : choice of screws ?

    Thank you for your guidance. I'll go for the 50mm length. What's the best screw size as I notice size 4 seems to be the most popular choice in the shops. Is it worth making pilot holes first or is this overkill ? The tape on joists is optional for me. I'm not sure if I can be bothered...
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    Plywood subfloor : choice of screws ?

    I am laying down some insulation tape on top of all my joists which will compress to approx 5mm once it's sandwiched under the ply I intend to screw down. In view of this, what's the best screw selection for securing 18mm ply to joists ? I've got 4 x 30mm, 4 x 40mm and 4 x 50 mm to...
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    Loft flooring over lights

    There are special fire hoods that you can buy that will fit between your joists and over your downlighters. Try googling for "rated fire hoods". Alternatively , you can go somewhere like homebase/B&Q and buy a ceramic flowerpot or a cheap vase (a vase is the same as a flowerpot but has no...
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    Advice needed on sanding cupped boards

    If you have lots of awkward cutting in to do, Bosch, Fein and Westphalia all make a useful 'delta head' sanders for those awkward corners. So long as you remember these aren't heavy duty enough to do your main floor .
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    Acoustic insulation : dry sand between joists ?

    Thanks for your support. I did use your approach i.e. council and manage co. earlier this year to resolve a different problem, a leak from the flat above. I was successful so I don't rule out trying the same again with my noisy neighbour. RBKC council have an excellent noise team...
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    Acoustic insulation : dry sand between joists ?

    more on my noisy neighbour project... I've put down sheets of 100mm thick dense fibre matting between my floor joists - this may keep my flat warm but I am far more interested in achieving acoustic insulation not thermal insulation - all due to noisy lord fauntleroy downstairs and his stereo...
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    How can I adjust my jigsaw cutting depth

    thank you for your guidance & excellent advice