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    Flexible EPDM hoses specifically made for central heating

    I know there are tons of questions from people asking whether they can use flexible tap connectors for central heating. To which the answer is always no. The reason why I am looking into flexible hosing is that my pipes knock. That's fine by itself as the noise from the pipes is muffled by the...
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    Screws on 3 kite stairs loose

    Forgot photo
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    Screws on 3 kite stairs loose

    We have a 3 kite stairs in our house that is attached to two internal walls and one external. We noticed that some of the screws holding the staircase onto to walls have come loose and cannot be tightened (they just keep on turning). The stairs have been here since we moved in, in 1983. Is...
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    Adding Fernox DS40 to system via magnetic filter chamber

    It's a Valliant boiler with microbore pipes. All the radiators work fine apart from one. That one radiator takes far longer to heat up and when it does, it is only warm whereas the other radiators are hot. Rebalancing the radiators did not help.
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    Adding Fernox DS40 to system via magnetic filter chamber

    I'm planing to use Fernox DS40 to clear out a microbore blockage. I can't use the one of those funnel things for radiators as the radiators are quite narrow and do not have the type of bleed valve where you can screw in the funnel. The heating system is closed, but it does have a MagnaClean...
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    Is this a Drayton TRV4 body?

    Thanks for confirming.
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    Is this a Drayton TRV4 body?

    An engineer came round and replaced the thermostatic valve on one of the radiators during an annual boiler service. It seems to be a Drayton TRV4. However the valve does not seem to work too well. The radiator seems to be either really hot or completely off, nothing in between. Upon closer...
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    Replacing outside socket

    My parents asked me to replace a broken outdoors electrical socket in property that is being let. Is it OK for someone who is an unqualified electrician like me to do the job?
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    Bath taps with right angled attachments

    My bath tap started leaking a month or so ago. It has right angle attachments to the body of the bath. I've seen other taps like this with the right angle attachments and I am wondering if they all have the same distance from one inlet to the other? It would save me a lot of hassle to just...
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    Need to replace toilet doughnut washer?

    Thanks for the replies. Turns out I did need a new one, which I got from a plumbers merchant. Compared to the old one, the new foam washer was twice the thickness.
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    Need to replace toilet doughnut washer?

    I had to replace the siphon in my toilet. Because of that I had to remove the tank from the bowl and hence the doughnut washer between them. I've been told from a few videos and guides that I need to replace the doughnut between the tank and bowl. In most of the guides, the washer is rubber...
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    City Plumbling Supplies open to public?

    Hi, I need a drain down kit that City Plumbling Supplies ( has in stock. I was planning to go down early tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure whether they are open to the public or if they are trade only. Does anybody know? Thanks, Richard
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    Location of boiler external fuse

    It turns out it was connected via a regular 3-pin plug (the wire ran down one side of the cupboard under the floorboards then back up the other side) rather than a fused spur. Replaced the fuse, everything is working. Thanks for the help.
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    Location of boiler external fuse

    I installed a new thermostat for the boiler. I basically need to know where the external fuse is located. Whoever did the wiring originally for the boiler did a poor job, as the outer sheath for the mains supply was stripped so much that the individual wires were outside the housing of the...
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    Shower mixer problem

    Hi, My shower is broken, so I'm using the bath. The bath has a mixer and this is what I have problem with. The mixer is either really hot or cold. It looks nearly identical to the mixer in the shower, apart from the fact that the shower mixer is wall mounted and the bath mixer is tub...
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    Humidistat bathroom fan

    Hi guys, My Manrose bathroom extractor fan has started to become quite noisy (sounds like a loose bearing) and I need to replace it. I'm looking for a new fan that is quiet and has humiditstat. I don't like the idea of the fan running uneccesarily when I'm just going in the bathroom to...
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    Programmable electronic thermastatic radiator valves

    Hi diy not, I'm looking to install an electronic TRV for my room only (and maybe my brother's room as well). The reason is because my parents stay up a lot later than I do, and so keep the heating on till late at night. I've seen from this forum that the HR80(UK) and accompanying...
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    Condensing boiler with shared flue?

    It's noisy and would dump significant heat into the bedroom.