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    Smoking Ban...

    What has that to do with it? Transport is indispensable, and people have died in accidents even before cars came along - kicked by horses, drowned in canals, etc.
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    Smoking Ban...

    In my village a few years ago a guy got depressed and put his head on the railway line, but when the train came it was on the other track. The following day somebody dropped a timetable through his letter box.
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    Do anti-scale devices ACTUALLY work?

    I didn't say there was!
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    Iran launches drone attack on Israel

    I read something in the paper recently that most Iranians want democracy, secularism, civil and political freedom, economic opportunity etc. No doubt they do, but it struck me as stating the obvious, that's what anybody living under a dictatorship would prefer. Whether it will hasten the end of...
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    Do anti-scale devices ACTUALLY work?

    Exactly Anyway softening isn't I think what the OP is asking about. I think he means the devices that fit on the pipe and are supposed to condition the water or dissolved salts in some way to prevent scaling. I don't believe there's any scientific basis for that.
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    Is My F&E Tank Too Full?

    Dripping as Harry said, see it quicker than level rising Attached. Diaphragm type less prone to sticking due to scale. Brass Part 2 Float Valve 1/2" - Screwfix
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    Is My F&E Tank Too Full?

    It's possible the ball valve is leaking. Worth checking and renew if necessary, preferably with a diaphragm type.
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    Room thermostat

    OK got you
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    Room thermostat

    I don't know about Cathy, but I don't understand that! If it has to be Salus, how can there be an alternative?
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    Vented to unvented - general queries

    No, heat-only is fine. The primary (boiler) circuit and secondary (HW to taps) circuit can be open vented or pressurised in any combination.
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    Add another Thermostat?

    Your post doesn't give me that impression
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    Central heating only luke warm

    OK, I don't know much about combis but that could hopefully help somebody diagnose the problem.
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    Central heating only luke warm

    Is it a new problem, or have you just moved in, or what?
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    Not able to log into Screwfix

    How did he manage to upset Screwfix? Must be seriously obnoxious!
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    Climate: The Movie

    If by sea ice you mean floating, agree, it doesn't. If the ice is on land (Antarctica) it does.
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    Help Required ... 3 Way Valve not always switching to Hot Water

    That pump orientation is frowned on by Grundfos
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    Pop up waste

    Also the linkage is adjustable, need to make sure it gives maximum lift
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    Mr Bates and the post office

    OK, mine was a bit off the cuff. I'm sure everybody on here knows you can go to gaol for perjury.
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    Mr Bates and the post office

    Prison - Jeffrey Archer, Jonathan Aitken, Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce, to name a few