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    Nuaire ES-MEV

    I moved into my first home a few months ago (small end of terrace). The bathroom is on a single skin (on 3 walls) extension, and on the second floor. It gets cold. Very cold! It also gets fairly damp after showers, and in the cold can take a long time to clear the water on the walls. The house...
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    Front door locks

    I need to change the locks on my front door, it's a wood door that currently has a nightlatch and lower mortice. I'd like to just swap both out and get the highest security ones I can to replace them. Can anyone advise, on models to go for? I've seen you can buy a standard yale nightlatch...
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    Where to get window + door in Cardiff

    Can anyone recommend anywhere for getting a window and back door in Cardiff? I've had a quote from one place of £1,100 for a standard white upvc backdoor and window. Seems somewhat high?
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    Makita drill, Nicad or Li-ion? (occasional DIY use)

    Done. Picked it up earlier.
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    Makita drill, Nicad or Li-ion? (occasional DIY use)

    Well now i am confused :D
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    Makita drill, Nicad or Li-ion? (occasional DIY use)

    Links fixed. These are between £100-£130.
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    Makita drill, Nicad or Li-ion? (occasional DIY use)

    I need a drill! For very occasional general DIY, eg. putting shelves up (solid walls). Nothing too intensive. I am buying this once, and want it to last a while. I'm thinking either...
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    What to do about wonky floors?

    I have just purchased a ~100yr old terraced house. The ground floor is concrete and not suspended, but upstairs is obviously not concrete! The floors are somewhat wonky in most rooms. What options do i have for levelling it, and would it be a worthwhile exercise, or is it potentially just...
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    Composite back door + double glazed window

    I am in the process of purchasing a property, one piece of work that needs doing is to fit a new back door and window. The window is small (i'd guess at approx 700x1000). What would be an approximate cost for this? Would i be ok budgeting £1k? This would be for a uPVC double glazed window...
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    Buying a house, concerns on the electrics

    I am in the process of buying my first home and think the electrics could do with investigation. The fuse box is of the old style. The rest of the house has been updated (new kitchen ~4yrs ago, bathroom, floors, boiler, etc...). This is what it looks like: What do you think my next...
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    Replastering in old property - building regs for insulation?

    I am in the process of purchasing a property build in 1898. It needs a lot of work, and one job is re-plastering. This is a mid-terrace property with solid brick walls. I need to re-render the rear of the house (the front isn't rendered, and cannot be. I also need to re-plaster in most of...
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    Cost to rewire small 2 bed mid terrace?

    Thank you. I'm really just after a vague idea so i can put together a list of costs for the renovation work so i have something to go by. As i cannot get people in to quote when i've not even exchanged on the property. I'm thinking £2.5k would be in the right area. I can't imagine...
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    Cost to rewire small 2 bed mid terrace?

    I am in the process of purchasing a very small 2 bed mid-terrace pre-1900 property that needs a lot of work. The electrics will need entirely redoing. I will not be moving into the property for a couple of months whilst all the renovation work takes place. Most of the rooms will be getting...
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    Approx cost for rendering wall?

    So maybe £50/m? So approx £2,000-£2,500? Also, maybe it would be better just to fix the cracked areas and repaint?
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    Approx cost for rendering wall?

    I am in the process of attempting to purchase my first house. It's somewhat of a project though. One area that needs attention is the rear wall render. Can anyone give an approx cost to re-render this: Size is something like: - 2.5*6.5 (rear extension) - 3*6.5 (side of extension) -...