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    Paint or replace window

    I've painted windows far worse than this, without a key The key to success here Daddy Boots is, with all that time on your hands, don't leave it for another 17 years. A light sand and a coat over every now and then just on the bottom bits will serve you well.
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    Removing Vinyl Paint (not wallpaper)

    Wait a bit. Now hang on a touch. I'm going to have a stab at this. No mention of lining, so I'll rule that out. No mention of plastering, so that's a no go. Right then: I'm going to guess that it's silk so, if it were me, I'd fill my spray with hot soapy water (bucket and brush will do)...
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    Removing Vinyl Paint (not wallpaper)

    :shock: A sceptical painter and decorator. :shock: What is the world coming to :shock:
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    Where do I start when wallpapering hall and landing ??

    Longest drop but measure out to either side first, to avoid leaving yourself with a small slither of a piece.
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    External Wall Paint

    Johnstone's stormshield smooth masonry. Sandtex smooth masonry.
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    Well, well. Fancy you being a drummer you old git. So am I. And a bassist as well.

    Well, well. Fancy you being a drummer you old git. So am I. And a bassist as well.
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    Daunting task ahead - which paint please?

    I do. After 12 months/2 years take a pic of the handdrail. Close up.
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    Wallpapering between dado and picture rail...

    O.k. If you're going to leave the dado rail on no matter what, then you're first suggestion of just papering the middle with the others the same colour would look bad. So... As someone else said, paper below with another paper, or paper below with a supaglypta/blown vinyl type then emulson...
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    Wallpapering between dado and picture rail...

    No. Dreadful. Take the dado rail off and fill the damage. Emulsion ceiling and frieze, then paper under the picture rail to the skirting.
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    dark (brown/red) spots appeared after I painted the ceiling!

    There you have it :!: Grease, need not accumulate over the cooker. It may be heading for the cold spots when you're frying your sausages, wrapped in streaky bacon with a lit fag, sticking out the side of your mouth.
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    dark (brown/red) spots appeared after I painted the ceiling!

    How and what did you wash it with :?: Then...........What "exactly" did you paint it with. I think Mr H has got it right.
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    White paint rubbing off as powder?

    And.. If you get soda crystals, it's cheaper than sugar soap.
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    I also used some last year. Couldn't get the stuff to dry proper.
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    You are wrong. The Judge 8)
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    small job

    I could do it. :wink: Wouldn't bother me that it was hand painted because my doors are and so are the door casings, skirtings, radiators, ceilings and walls. :) Having a re-think about it though, you'd have to paint the handle and other edgings, as I don't think it would look correct...
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    small job

    Rub down with 400 wet /dry using sugar soap in warm water. Use masking tape to protect handles etc and get yourself some Crown Solo satin and apply 2 coats. Obviously this will not be the same as spraying it but it should suit you well if you just want to hand paint it black.
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    Urgent help needed on wood paint/stain

    Well.....yes. Not every situation is the same so- first, try to get it off with a shave hook (dry)and sandpaper. If that doesn't work too good, try a heat gun, then the nitromors. Things like this are always "trial and error" so whatever works best for you. This may sound a bit stupid but...
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    Urgent help needed on wood paint/stain

    IF you were going to put light oak over mahogany to lighten it. It wouldn't have worked. There is no point in putting light oak stain over mahogany stain.
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    once gloss and the like

    Crown Solo is the best paint ever invented. :D I've used more of this than anyone else on earth and I've NEVER had it shell off on top of gloss. Do not confuse Solo with ordinary liquid gloss as it's self undercoating. It is not the same stuff as Non drip paint either. Of course...