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  1. June1

    Help with new garage floor

    If you only excavate to rubble/hardcore you only need 100mm of concrete, but if your down to earth need also need 150mm of hardcore.
  2. June1

    maximum opening in an external wall

    I agree, definately get a new Structural Engineer. I design my own selfbuilds and extensions and my structural engineer never has a problem. Its all down to cost and time. Have you seen houses in mags and on the tv with the whole rear wall removed and replaced with great big glass doors...
  3. June1

    Insulation between garage ceiling and bedroom

    I used 150mm Rockwool Flexi in my garage. Have a look on their site, they also have a download for you to do your U Value calculations to make sure you have the correct depth.
  4. June1

    have you ever

    Kev I had assumed you were a Brit, otherwise I wouldn't have made the light hearted joke about American Humour. I noticed the Southern Pratt comment before it was removed. Don't worry Kev I'll leave you to your name calling everyone else I don't want to encourage it.
  5. June1

    have you ever

    I thought you were funny Tim and I love Will Smith Some people are just too serious and don't have a sense humour, its a commom afflication from them parts :(
  6. June1

    Is an architect ripping us off!

    Another option to an Architect if you are having a building company do the work for you is an Architectural Technician. Especially for domestic extensions. The Technician will provide you with the design, planning and building regulations aspects of the project and will get structural...
  7. June1

    Extension project.... need ideas....

    Difficult question to answer without knowing more information but I'll give you my thoughts on it. Ideally to get better use of the space you need the stair to come up more central of the house so as to have rooms coming off either side of the landing at the top of the stairs. Otherwise, you...