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  1. nichollsjames

    Driveway Double Hardcore

    Can I compact hardcore on top of existing hardcore? About 6 years ago we had our drive hardcore, 30s semi about 14x6m. The area furthest from the house has dipped and we have a pond in wet weather. I dug a channel to a trench and backfilled with gravel to alleviate somewhat, however I intend...
  2. nichollsjames

    Garage Roof

    Corrugated metal garage & roof, trusses are triangular and about 6ft from concrete floor. I’m 6ft6 and have a sore head. Can I brace the joists with metal or wood and cut out the bottoms of them? If so how do I do it and what materials should I use? Thanks
  3. nichollsjames

    Fireplace Cupboard

    I'd like to convert the fireplace into a tall craft cupboard, I might even make it look secret. Does anybody know if there is a limit to the maximum height I can install a lintel in the chimney breast? Thanks in advance.
  4. nichollsjames

    Garden Salon

    Hi thanks for your replies. Firstly I feel I may have oversold the commercial value of this venture, she'd be operating as a mobile hairdresser from home (if that makes sense). 1 or 2 clients at the most at any point in time. We have a long drive, and they would access the salon through the...
  5. nichollsjames

    Garden Salon

    Hi all, I'm planning on building my wife a hair salon in our garden so she can work from home. I have a very long garden in a 30s semi, 90metres long but only 7 wide (in parts). I need to put services in for it which is a whole other issue. My initial thoughts are: 1. Shed 2. Fancy shed - ie...
  6. nichollsjames

    Building a firewood shed

    As Norcon said, placing your logs on palette's and covering with tarp is suitable, but you should be asking yourself about how big a wood store do you need. Are you having wood delivered or collecting and seasoning. I have wood delivered, and constructed a woodstore out of...... palettes...
  7. nichollsjames

    a terrified gladiator

    a terrified gladiator