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    Garage ceiling insulation

    I'm going to get the ceiling of my part-integral garage renewed by getting rid of the old plasterboard and putting new plasterboard up. However, i'd like to take the opportunity to insulate the ceiling void which meets my bathroom floor above. A builder has suggested using Celotex in the...
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    Best way to protect solid oak floor reducer ramp

    I've had a beautiful solid oak floor reducer ramp machined for me. It's a wide one at 3m to go across my patio doors. This area has a lot of foot traffic so I want to protect this ramp without changing its colour or making it look shiny - basically I still want it to look like natural wood...
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    Repairing integral garage ceiling

    I have a part-integral single garage with a bathroom above it. The house is fully decorated now so I want to finish off the garage. A new bathroom was installed so the garage ceiling has several small and large holes in the double-layer plasterboard. This is due to old bathroom water and waste...
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    Best way to seal and insulate around garage door frame

    I want to seal and insulate the tiny gaps around my garage door frame from the inside. I have a standard single-width up-and-over metal garage door. I noticed that the frame has been bolted into the brickwork and the tiny gaps haven't been sealed. What's the best way to ensure a good airtight...
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    Ceiling light - one GU10 bulb not working

    All sorted now. Did as suggested and also cleaned all the contacts using Deoxit D5 contact cleaner.
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    Ceiling light - one GU10 bulb not working

    I've got a ceiling light in my kitchen which is a S-shaped chrome bar with four spotlights on it. Each spotlight houses a GU10 bulb. The lights are adjustable in terms of where they point to. One bulb never lights, the other three work fine. Any ideas on what the problem could be? I've tried...
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    Worcester Greenstar CDi 30 boiler - loss of pressure

    I have the same boiler and had the same problem. Turned out to be a leak on a plastic compression elbow joint under the living room floor. Sadly, it is likely to be a leak somwhere. Get a good heating engineer or plumber to trace the fault.
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    Keeping pipes from freezing in a garage

    I have a multitude of pipework in my part-intergal garage. Firstly, I have the new water mains feed terminating inside the garage. It is lagged and then this supplies water to the boiler and the rest of the house. There is a fair amount of pipework along three walls of the garage. I have...
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    Can hear the neighbours talking

    I guess you guys are right. It's very hard to learn of this issue when viewing a property. I think my neighbours are very aware of the sound transmission issue as they're always asking me if their kids disturb me with the noise. I love the house in every other respect and will just have to...
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    Can hear the neighbours talking

    Property was built in 1955. I know that the 3 external-facing walls (front, side and rear) are cavity brick walls. I'm not sure about the party wall but I have a horrible feeling it's a single-skin breezeblock wall. How could I find out what type of wall the party wall is?
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    Can hear the neighbours talking

    I've now had my house fully refurbished which includes full loft insulation and new double glazing and new doors. My underlay for the wood flooring downstairs is amongst the best you can get for soundproofing and so is the underlay for my carpet upstairs. My property is a 3-bed semi. My...
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    Frost protection on a WB 30CDi

    I have a WB 30CDi boiler installed. Does it have automatic frost protection? It's installed in an unheated garage and I was assured by the installers that there will be no issues with the water freezing or the boiler malfunctioning if the temperature in the garage got close to freezing or below...
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    Fallen out with driveway installer

    I had an invoice and paid it. The workers were getting quite aggressive and abusive and I didn't want to risk my property being damaged after some time. That is why I paid them and new installers are fixing the driveway this week.
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    Fallen out with driveway installer

    I just wanted them gone in the end. I'm now forking out £1,400 to put right the faults in their work. Another driveway company has evaluated their work and it will cost me £1,400 to put right - and i'll have a written guarantee for 12 months. I tried contacting the original installers but, as I...
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    Fallen out with driveway installer

    Not really. I've let them use sub-standard products for their work and cut some corners. Bearing in mind that their's was the most expensive quote, I think they've maximised their profit on this job. They tried to charge extra for manhole covers when their quote included them. They tried...
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    Problems with new central heating install

    My systen is working okay at the moment. I added inhibitor myself to it and the pressure is holding up well. The firm is still trading. They ignored my request to add inhibitor as the system was leaking for months so the original inhibitor would have washed away. So much for a 12-month...
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    Fallen out with driveway installer

    A quick update: two of the workers worked on Tuesday to almost finish off the driveway. There's about an hours work left now (fill in a couple missing paving bricks and put two coping stones on wall pillars). I sent an email to the installers asking them to prepare an invoice and to complete...
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    Leave CH on all the time or just twice a day?

    Should my central heating be left on all the time (but at reduced thermostat temperatures for parts of the day and night) or should it just be switched on twice a day (morning and evening) and remain switched off completely at all other times? I keep hearing conflicting arguments on this...
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    Fallen out with driveway installer

    Just thinking ahead, it's Monday today and there's no sign of the driveway installers. My garage is full of their tools and machines. They have a key to my garage and the side gate. There are pallets of paving blocks on the road outside my house and general building waste in my driveway...
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    Fallen out with driveway installer

    Yes, the price was agreed in writing (on the original estimate and recently via email). It was the boss himself who discussed the arch-shape for the flowerbed and the depth with us. He then proceeded to do a straight one! Sadly their negative feedback on MyBuilder was received just a few...