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    Stop cock repair

    Got any mates with garage tools a 19mm deep socket an extension bar in 3/4 and a ratchet. handle of first good luck
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    concealed shower , shower outlet

    looks like aqualisa shower try the parts drawings they have online. Try this site
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    Removing tap head

    The hole to access the grub screw will be under the handle or the back of it and be covered by a stopper.
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    Plumber flooded loft

    Way too personal now.
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    Remove radiator with 'tap' valves for decorating

    Turn them clockwise till shut. Open bleed vent valve it should stop flowing if it does you can proceed. Drain the rad
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    Loud vibrating noise when using tap, and also randomly?

    If it is a gravity fed system it could be the CWS float valve in the loft.
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    Wall hung toilet

    If it came with a frame then the frame is flexing also.
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    Radiator colder at the bottom

    The sludge could be in the pipe feed or return.
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    Plumber flooded loft

    He/the plumber should have liability insurance for just such a issue.
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    Installing unvented cylinder and boiler in loft

    Theres a lot to consider before the purchase. The tank has to fit through the loft hatch. The loft has to be easily assessable. The floor would be boarded out. The floor has to capable of withstanding the weight of the full tank say tank at 30KG + water 250Lt = 280KG. The boiler flue would go...
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    1 cm thick limescale in toilet

    White vineger takes time but softens it
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    legal eagles

    Can we have a forum dealing with legal issues. The legal issues that few people know but everybody should be aware of. It might be a minefield but it would be lively.
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    Slow flow to start with then increased

    Blocked or kinked pipe if at one outlet.
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    Outside stop tap badly installed cant turn off

    That water meter belongs to the provider they should put it right
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    Shower issues

    The pump needs to be at the base of the cylinder to detect hot water flow. if it was above the tank it would likely get a air pocket when pump switched off and the water returned to the tank. The set up better suits a negative head pump but they cost more.
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    Speeding up piston stroke on bench top pneumatic press

    I work with water. Any changes you make need to be reverseable. increasing the flow may up the pressure internally seals may fail.
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    How can I get this pipe to fit flush to the joist?

    Make sure they put a wooden support for the copper pipe in. Spanning the two joist to prevent it flopping down again.
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    prevent tree roots from clogging sewage drains

    if you like the tree take some cuttings first Cut a nick with axe dribble glyphosate into cut should take a few weeks to see results but it works. Roots damage trees
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    Tap removal

    Looks like the tap might unscrew on the chrome 5mm down from top
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    How to remove heads off these taps please

    Try a hacksaw. Use the other tap handle to choose where to cut.