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    Changing Bathroom spotlights

    I have four spotlights in my bathroom. All four bulbs keep blowing rather quickly and only randomly come on unless you give a twist and then they come on. Now none will come on and have been told there will be a transformer in the ceiling somewere that may have blown..Is this correct or shgould...
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    Boiler problem

    My local water authority turned the water off to the whole estate the other week. Since then it is hit and miss as to whether the boiler is going to deliver hot water. If the heating is turned on it delivers hot water all the time, but only warm when it is turned off. The boiler is a...
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    Linksys befsr41 router probs

    Sorry for that ;oashgvoipaypigfyi What i meant to say was. before i got my router for a second PC i had never had a problem with my internet connection.
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    Linksys befsr41 router probs

    I have a had my broadband connection for about 3 and a half years only since getting a second my and router has this happened.
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    Linksys befsr41 router probs

    It is a Lynksys etherfast cable/dsl router model: BEFSR41 It is approx 2 years old and goes off maybe 4/5 times a week. i am currently using Norton security 2005. I updated the firmware a while back but that did not sort it. how do i get the dos log ?
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    Linksys befsr41 router probs

    My linksys router randomly needs resetting. Now and again the internet goes off (usually whilst enjoyiong a game of CS) line and i have to pull out its power cable to get it going again.. Any ideas
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    i had this problem a few years back from what i can remember there are no xp drivers for this scanner. this link takes you to what you need.
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    Compression fittings

    Many thanks
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    Compression fittings

    Sorted i think ???
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    Compression fittings

    It says word for word the following. the inlet fitting is designed to enter a compression fitting only. DO NOT use push fit connectors as full engagement cannot be guarenteed. DO NOT use excessive force when making these connections.. Triton rapide 2 plus
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    Compression fittings Picture at above link
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    Compression fittings

    I am about to fit a new shower that connects to the mains water via a 15mm compression fitting. The old shower had a screw thread so i have had to buy a new fitting. The query i have is that the new shower connection is not threaded but smooth with nothing for the compression to screw onto, is...
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    Cutting a bathroom tile...whilst its on the wall..

    Sorted...bought a tile scribe, lots of care and patients..i had to do a bit of plastering because were the showers screw holes will be the plaster fell away. cheers
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    Cutting a bathroom tile...whilst its on the wall..

    I have just had to buy a new electric shower and although it exactly the same size as the old one, the water inlet valve is slightly off from the old shower..So i need to cutt about 0.5 inch off two large tiles... Can this be done. If so what should i do.. Thanks
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    leak below the bath

    Any update on this problemHilda.
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    Bath sealant keeps splitting

    I put fresh sealant around the bath about 3 weeks ago and it is already splitting and coming away from the bath. Can anyone tell me why, I removed all traces of the old sealant and cleaned all contact surfaces with sugar soap. Cheers
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    Fitting a plastic tongue and groove bathroom ceiling

    I have a wooden tongue and groove bathroom ceiling that i wabn t to change for a plastic (pvc) one. How do i go about it and will i be able to use the old wooden framework to hold the new ceiling. Cheers
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    Corner bath side panel.

    will get you a pic.
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    Corner bath side panel.

    My wife has always wanted a wooden side panel on the bath. However at B&Q the side panel was £120. We were in there the other week and they were selling them for £20 because they were discontinuing the line. When we got it home we found it was for a different shape corner bath. The actual...
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    Bathroom spotlights keep blowing

    Had another look and it definateley says IP 20...manufactured in 1985 Changed all the lights all the way through the house so i might as well do the bathroom as well.