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    Wall Socket wires too short!

    We have a standard white plug socket in the wall with the new standard wiring Blue(N) Brown(Live) Yellow&Green(E). I have bought a new chrome socket that I wish to replace but on removing the old white plastic socket I have found out that the terminals are on the opposite sides on the Chrome...
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    Gravel Driveway Base - 411 Limestone?

    We have an area by the side of our house thats about 20ft x20ft and was just soil. We are looking to have an extension added here is about 5 years time, so in the meantime we plan to gravel the area and use this area to park the car on in the short term. Having searched around on the internet...
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    Airvents in boarded up chimney YES or NO?

    We have a 1930's house that we are restoring and the fireplaces have all been ripped out by the previous owners. We plan to restore them at a later date, but in the meantime we are going to just plasterboard them in while we attend to more urgent matters around the house. Now I was under the...
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    Tiled Fireplace Hearth for solid fuel?

    Our 1930's house has fireplaces that had tiled hearths that were level with the floorboards, most of these tiles are missing or damaged. The fireplaces has also been ripped out and we want to put solid fuel fireplaces back in. Can we re tile the hearths so they are still level with the...
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    Sealer for Slate Floor Tiles?

    We hare having a natural slate floor laid in our kitchen, what whould anyone recommend to seal the floor with? We don't want any colour added, just a natural sealer that will help protect the tiles from staining and the general wear & tear from our 2 year olds toys!
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    Tile Spacers

    I want to lay rectangular tiles in a brick pattern. All the tile spacers I have seen seem to be the '+' shape which are no good unless i end up cutting one of the ends off. Do they come in a 'T' shape?
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    Level Floor - up to 1/2 inch in different levels?

    We have taken up old floor files in our hallway and the concrete floor underneath is very uneven and has large pits and holes across it some very wide areas up to 1/2 inch deep in places. I want to create flat even surface so we can lay Parque Flooring down. Whats the best way to do this...
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    What to do with a tiled bay window?

    We have a 1930's house which has a curved window bay at the front of the house. During the lifetime of the house someone thought it would look good to cover the front of the bay in tiny bright coloured ceramic tiles. Every other house down the road has theirs rendered smooth or with the...