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    What to use to mount TV to wall?

    I can't find anything recent using thermolite bricks. We're concerned that the weight of the TV may cause the bricks to crumble.
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    What to use to mount TV to wall?

    Hi, I want to attach a 32" TV to a wall using a mount that can be twisted away from the wall to change the angle of the TV. However, the walls are plasterboard over thermolite bricks. What's the best way of doing this?
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    Paint advice

    I'm in the middle of decorating a new kitchen/dining room extension. I've painted the newly plastered walls with white Dulux trade supermatt. I was going to paint another colour on top but I've decided I like the whiteness. However the supermatt is not very hard wearing and its already scuffed...
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    Cracks in neighbouring garage

    Not very neighbourly. We're getting quotes to get it re-rendered but we're not doing anything about the doors because this is most likely to be due to the weather.
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    Cracks in neighbouring garage

    We had our garage demolished last autumn. Our garage and neighbours garage were stood next to each other. Neighbour was concerned that removing our garage would cause problems with theirs so we left the nearest wall standing in order to support theirs (builder discovered theirs was only single...
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    Help choosing boiler??

    Hi I need some help. I've just moved into a 4-bedroom 1930's semi-detached house. I currently have a 20 year old Gloworm boiler sited in a kitchen cupboard with a half-sized tank in the bathroom. My problem is that we are changing the layout of the kitchen and will get the boiler updated...