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    Domestic HW Advice Please

    Apologises as I'm sure this question is old hat but if you could help me from cocking things up and save me a few bob I would appreciate it. My hot and cold supplies are both low pressure and me being a complete muppet installed high pressure fittings to the WHB and shower. Okay, so it works...
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    Laying artificial grass

    Any suggestions as to how I should go about laying artificial grass on a 6X5 metre paved patio that has seen better days. By that I mean one small area about two square metres has subsided dropping 50mm at the lowest point and there's several slabs that dip leaving a 5mm difference in levels...
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    Honeywell mid position valve

    Does anybody know where I can get hold of a plug in relay module for a Honeywell V4073A- 1005 valve