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    Vaillant Ecomaz 828E Combi Boiler

    Thank you all for your input. Had a boiler engineer diagnose the issue. I explained the problem. He surprised me a young fella having so much knowledge of combi boilers. He did not talk much but got on in finding the problem. He tested the pressure on the system. He advised the expansion vessel...
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    Vaillant Ecomaz 828E Combi Boiler

    Thank you very much Guys for your quick response. I don't know how the condensing boilers work. I am concerned the boiler pressure keeps dropping. Its got worst since I last checked the pressure last Saturday. Following your response I turned heating off. The condensate leak stopped dripping. I...
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    Vaillant Ecomaz 828E Combi Boiler

    Hi All My boiler has been loosing pressure for a few days. I have filled it to 1.5 bar every time it drops below 0.5 bar but still keeps loosing pressure. This afternoon I check if PRV is leaking. PRV is not leaking but the condensate pipe leaks more than it should when heating is on. It does...
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    Advice for Replacement Boiler

    Hi All Which combi boiler would be a good replacement for my Vaillant Ecomax 828E. I am extending my utility room to add a shower and a toilet. No doubt another radiater will also be required hence a slightly bigger boiler. Positive advice will be very much appreciated. Basecoat
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    Hi All I have problem(s) with my bosch fridge freezer. fridge made a cracking sound when it turned itself off. I removed the cover off back of freezer. A big chunk of ice was lodged inside the cover. I cleared the ice refitted the cover. The fridge freezer works fine but every time I open the...
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    What size are 13 amp socket screws

    Hi All My other half was cleaning work top this morning. She disturbed kettle socket. It is hanging with the wire. I checked the reason for this to happen. The base plate is sunk in too deep. The two screws are not long enough. Instead some smarty pants put blobs of "it stiks like ****" to stick...
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    Hi vulcancontinental My son had looked at unica i and vision C boilers. I am not keen on digital interface but my son mentioned he has seen your video demonstrating Vision C on youtube. He appears to be leaning towards it. He tells me once the boiler is set up correctly by the installer like...
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    Hi dilalio thanks for your response. An old buddy of mine suggested intergas boilers are simple not having complicated parts. The vaillant ecotec pro 28 was appealing to me until I found out that it no longer has a mechanical pressure guage but build in the interface. At my age electronics...
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    Thank you vulcancontinental for quick response. I shall look at Vokera unica i. This person I have known for quite some time suggested I go for Vokera Excel. He said he fits these boilers regularly. You are right about the Easi- Heat plus and Excel boilers are sold through plumbing & heating...
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    Hi All Advice please to help me choose a new mid range combi boiler. I am downsizing to a smaller den. Circumstances not choice. My new place a two bedroom one bathroom back to back property has an old Ariston combi. It finally gave up the ghost yesterday. Died of old age. Near the boiler...
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    Staingard for soft furnishing

    Hi All Back again for advice. I had my new G-Plan suite delivered the other day. I purchased 5 year staingard plus care package with my 3 piece suite. The company to provide care is Homeserve which has had negative reputation for customer care. To my amazement my son spilled water on chair...
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    New Fabric Suite

    Thank you all for your rapid response. I searched web this afternoon. Stainguard and Guardsman warranties are sold through retailers only. I spoke to a independant upholstry repairer/ cleaner. He said he will spray my suite using high pressure sprayer for £60.00 and the coating will last 3-4...
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    New Fabric Suite

    Hi All Are third party furniture warranties by stainguard/Guardsman worth the money. I have bought a new 3 piece suite the other day. Salesman brought warranty up time and time again. So far I have declined. He put on this on invoice "customer declined stainguard warranty". Today I received a...
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    How to repair fire back

    Hi All I need help in going about repairing fireback. My fireback is brick constructed finished with lime mortar. The house was built post war. I am surprised it has stood well for such a long time of use firstly as open fire later with gas fire. The fire back is in need of repairs to...
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    Please Help

    I have bought a very little used youngman 2 section trade 200 timber loft ladder. There are no fitting manual with it. Can someone please tell me where canI get fitting instructions from. I have searched the web no joy.
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    Party Wall Act 1996 Advice please

    Thanks for your response. I have been on planning portal site. It clearly states that if a wall is constructed then neighbour has to be notified. A notice of intention has to be served before work commences. It does not apply for timber fence. Because the person in council told me that it is...
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    Party Wall Act 1996 Advice please

    Hi All I would like advice regarding party wall act 1996. My neighbour submitted a planning application for: Ground floor rear Shower Room/ Toilet Front Porch Demolish existing garage/ rebuild new garage at back. I raised my concern the big gap its going to leave between current...
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    How do I beef up loft floor

    Hi All My loft is a big mess after I had new roof tiles installed some years back. Going into loft last sunday my loft is like a bombed site with loose crumbly morter every where so much so the fibre glass insulation looks in bad shape. I am thinking of turning the loft into useable space...
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    Free outside wall insulation

    I am not at all confused. Closer look at the houses insulated look bad. They started above air bricks finishing below eaves. As for cost the government is footing the bill that is why the homes look odd. The leaflet says "Your home will not only look great it will save you hundreds in fuel bills...