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    Wetroom leak remedial work- tiling prep conundrum

    Wetroom leaked. Former and first course of wall tiles removed. WBP ply on joists (shower tray yet to be fit). Grateful for tiling expertise on upcoming predicament. Photos explain the following better: Corner shower - one wall masonry (stepped-render?) and other brick inside studs. Plan...
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    Max height between shower waste and tray. ~50mm OK?

    Wetroom ripped out due to leak and shower tray going in instead. Repair job rather than full bathroom refit. Plan is 18mm WBP plywood on joists, followed by a mortar mix and then shower tray. I need to make the thickness up for the shower tray to sit on the surrounding floor tiles. The shower...
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    Floorboards under bathroom wall rotted - help

    Long story short, wetroom placed by previous owner has leaked. I've removed the wetroom shower base to expose the joists to help dry it out. The floorboards run under the wall from the bedroom next door. The floorboard ends in the bathroom have rotted through damp and had to be removed. This...
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    Moving toilet help

    My plan is to move a toilet. It will be in a small space, closet WC. Once moved the waste pipe horizontal pattern will be pan spigot to 200mm straight, then a 90 deg angle to ~250mm straight, then another 90 deg angle to 1000mm straight to soil stack. Ground floor, concrete. Is this an...
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    Extending TV power lead cable rating question

    Thanks, the cable is wired directly into the TV so no fig 8 connector or IEC. I will have to cut the wire and extend using a connector I believe. I was just unsure whether a 0.5mm2 and.0.75mm2 wire can be mixed and connected together. I was unsure if this is a safe decision.
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    Extending TV power lead cable rating question

    I'm wall mounting my TV, however the power lead is too short. The current cable is H03VVH2-F 2x0.5mm2. 1. Can I attach 2x0.75mm2 cable to the original cable? The 2x0.75mm2 appears more readily available? 2. What is the best/suited junction-type connector for the cables? Thanks!
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    Need a shallow two-row brick retaining wall for small patio

    I need to lay a shallow two-row, single skin brick retaining wall for levelling off a small patio which will be used for a shed/bin store. I'm doing this because the ground is at a slight gradient. It will be about 2m. 1. Can I lay the bricks on compacted hardcore sub-base, rather than cement...
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    Help with laying flags for shed/bin store

    Hi, I've attached pic. The shed/wood store in the pic will be removed. I want to lay flags on a small piece of land to hold a new shed and bin store. It's on a slight gradient sloping towards me (whilst taking the pic). I'm not sure whether I need to lay flags and level off where the...
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    Laying loft wool over existing boards

    I have a boarded out loft, the previous owner lay insulation wool between joists and then boarded over. Looks like plastic-type boarding, rather than chipboard. It's only 100m wool underneath so I'd like to top up. Can I lay more rolls of wool (Space blanket?) over the boards? I'm looking at...
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    Not sure how to tackle this

    Thanks John. So would you unscrew the sockets, make good and then rescrew back on the wall once set?
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    Not sure how to tackle this

    What's the purpose of PVA please and what do you mean by blended in?
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    Not sure how to tackle this

    I'm the OP. Ive recently moved into the house, first-time buyer and total novice DIYer. The wall was left like that, not sure of the history. Thanks for input.
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    Not sure how to tackle this

    How would you tackle this situation please? See attached pictures - would Toupret filler be OK in the gaps directly or is there a better, tidier abf more professional way of doing it? Thanks
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    Ceiling hole too big for new extractor fan

    The chimney needs to extend into the hole though - the reason being due to the RSJ recess which has removed head height from the ceiling.
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    Ceiling hole too big for new extractor fan

    Its a chimney of a cooker hood. The hole is in a recess that holds an RSJ, there is a room above yes. The white piping - duct? That fits in the chimney. I'm guessing a strip of plasterboard, slightly longer than the hole glued to the otheride of the original plasterboard and then plastered?
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    Ceiling hole too big for new extractor fan

    The previous homeowner has taken their extractor fan and I've bought a replacement. The hole in the ceiling is now too big - see picture. How would I go about fixing this or best getting a professional plasterer in? Thanks
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    Loft insulation - help!

    I have a large loft hatch with pull down ladders. I would like to still use the loft for light storage; even if it's just a small area.
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    Loft insulation - help!

    Hi, The house I've moved into has about 100mm loft wool inbetween joists and is boarded out above this. I'd like to improve the insulation as I believe 100mm isn't enough. Can I lay Kingspan directly on the boards or is this a prepostorous idea? I'm totally new to this and would be grateful...
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    Converting downstairs shower cubicle to house washing machine

    I'm due to move into a property with a downstairs shower room inc. toilet/basin. I have no use for the shower [its built into the wall, rather than standalone]. I would like to decommision the shower and place a washing machine in its place, so the room with be a downstairs toilet-cum-utility...