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    Boiler for 290mm deep Howdens kitchen wall unit

    Hi folks. We're getting a new Howdens kitchen. Hoped to install new Worcester Bosch CDi Compact boiler in 290mm deep wall unit (vertical flue through roof). Boiler is 280mm deep, so fits inside. But...the Worcester Bosch literature (and checked with technical team) insists on having 20mm...
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    most cost effective and highest performance method of building an extension

    Expert or non-expert views welcome! Being in the midst of building an extension on our house, I'm perhaps naturally thinking about how I would do it differently next time. Particularly about how to get the best bang for your buck on the build. The current extension is pretty standard 300mm...
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    Elements board

    Any thoughts on using elements board on walls in a bathroom around the bath/shower and on floor (all areas being tiled)? Looks like a good product but I don't have the experience to know about its pros and cons vs say hardiebacker. Cheers!
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    Making good infill on chimney breast after being removed

    Am I going mad or does this sound right to you... Having removed a downstairs chimney breast in our Victorian terrace (upstairs breast gone and stack braced), the gaps on the first skin of the party wall (covering about 30% of the wall) have been patched/plugged with what looks like dry wall...
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    Advice please: old plaster identification

    Thanks. A recent photo attached. It's the brick wall in the background. Once cleared of all surface plaster, the next step would be something like dot and dab plasterboard, then skim?
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    Cavity wall partly below external ground level

    How so? In our setting, the neighbours side along our extension flank wall is about 300mm higher than our ground level. So it looks as though builder will put block along that section (and then DPC above the neighbours ground level). Make sense? Guess I am wondering how much of an issue, if at...
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    Cavity wall partly below external ground level

    Have updated the post above - hopefully clearer.
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    Cavity wall partly below external ground level

    The engineer's drawings for our single-story rear extension specify 3 courses of engineered brick (below external ground level) on the outer skin of the cavity wall. It looks like the contractor is planning on bringing the concrete higher and then starting straight away with about 1 course of...
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    Central heating system design

    Can I get some feedback on this CHS design for an extended ground floor flat (75sqm total)? Specifically, I'm thinking (1) the two radiators in the UFH kitchen/living area aren't needed and (2) to ditch the hallway radiator entirely. Thoughts?
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    Mass concrete cavity fill

    So, the cavity wall infill below ground level provides strength against the pressure against it from the ground?
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    Mass concrete cavity fill

    The engineer for our extension has specified a mass concrete fill to the new cavity walls, to a height at least 150 mm below the DPM. What's the purpose of this fill to the cavity? Thanks!
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    Public or private lateral drain?

    Building a side and rear extension on the outrigger of our ground floor Victorian terrace flat. I have an access chamber and a drain that runs down the side return into the garden and into a public sewer that runs across the back of the terrace gardens. Our neighbours' drainage goes into the...
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    Suspended floor insulating from ABOVE

    Hmm, yes there is the question of how useful the above-floor foam is. It's quite thin (4 to 6mm) and has an R value of about 1.1 (vs 0.3 or so from typical insultation).
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    Suspended floor insulating from ABOVE

    Contrary to everyone trying to work out how to insultae under the boards... I'm trying to understand the potential downsides of laying something like EcoTec Floor-Foam Insulation above the boards instead. I noted PUR/foam/wool products you'd use to insulate under the boards tend to have lower...
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    Can I re-lay my engineered wood floor?

    Update: we need a new floor. The planks were T&G, glued down on the side with the short tounge (though not the long tounge), which meant nearly all the planks have a snapped short side tounge now.
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    Advice please: old plaster identification

    Thank you, both. I am tempted just to take it back to the brick. I presume the other option would be skim / board over it all to create fat surface for fresh tiles...?
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    Advice please: old plaster identification

    We are renovating the bathroom in our ground floor flat, in a Victorian terrace converted in 1990. On the back wall (brick) there are layers of old bonding and plaster under the tiles. See picture. There is a patch of old plaster on the right hand side, that sits on top of the brick. It's pinky...
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    Extending telephone line to back of the house for WIFI

    Thanks, all! - Several WIFIs signals in the area, so will consider plugging in. - First order of business I will try an extender/adaptor and see how it works over WIFI, failing that I will plug it in via ethernet cable.
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    Extending telephone line to back of the house for WIFI

    Thanks. Agreed. Have you (or anyone) tried the extender plug units? They immediately look like something that's not bothering with, but not sure if that's unfair and they actually work!