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    Do you mean BT instead of BeeTV
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    FIAT nightmare.

    Have you tried halfords?
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    Hope for the Sub ?

    Unfortunately, it's been reported that they have passed away.
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    Recommend companies

    Unfortunately in the past I have been struck by some cowboys when trying to make improvements to my home. I'm quite curious now about who I go with because I do not want to get robbing bast**** robbing my money again. I've being looking at a few companies which are below. Both companies don't...
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    Post any old song you can think of.

    Earth angel - one of the best songs of all time
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    Brexit Is a Complete failure

    Tell me something I dont know. Its just a mess
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    Locks on cars

    I'm confused, so you trying to say that you have the car back now?
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    What do you collect?

    I like to collect rings, it's quite fun actually.
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    D.I.Y TV shows

    I'm learning how to become an electrician while being semi ok at D.I.Y. I was wondering if there were any good D.I.Y shows that teach valuable tricks or tips. Anyone got any suggestions?
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    Building a shed

    My project involves building a shed and then converting it into a bar. Before I start I was wondering if anyone had any advice, maybe some viewpoints I haven't thought of yet?
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    How to fix a gutter?

    I found a really helpful video on the Youtubes on how to fix a gutter. For anyone who needs to fix a gutter have a look at this first before posting.
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    Do you collect rings?

    Does anyone else collect rings or is it just me?
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    The washing machine is leaking

    Any tips on how to fix it or should I get a new washing machine
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    What are your hobbies?

    I would say, playing and watching football
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    Different types of alarms

    I just bought a house and I'm new to this kind of DIY. I was wondering, is one alarm better than the other or is one brand of alarm better than the other, or do they just do the same thing?
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    Laminate Worktop Advice

    It's probably worth asking your repair company to have a look and make sure to check if they offer a warranty or guarantee. Typically, worktop repair companies do provide a warranty but that may vary.