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    Help! How do I remove expanding foam from UPVC frame?

    Try using 2 component spray foam the next time, it only expands 8:1 and cures and finishes it's expansion within 3 minutes.
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    Candle wax on stove

    Boiling hot water from the kettle pored over it will melt the wax (make certain you wear thick kitchen gloves when you wipe it up)
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    chewing gum

    I find that rubbing ice on the chewing gum works quite well because the gum goes hard and brittle and can easily be picked or flaked off.
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    Insulating a bedroom wall

    If you don't vapour seal you will have condensation problems and the insulation will not be particulary effective.
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    Insulating garage cieling/ bedroom floor

    You could try spray foam insulation as it can be injected or sprayed on. It is a 2 component foam with a closed cell structure, which makes it impervious to moisture (unlike the single component aerosol cans of foam). It also hardens, expands and cures within a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes...