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    Van Racking

    Bott are the designer range, my mate had his Dispatch kitted out by them it looked great and was very personalised for his needs. He looked at Tevo too and thought it was a bit standard for his needs. Pete
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    New boiler – combi or conventional / system?

    Before you choose whatever system make sure you have your "Decent" mains water measured flow and pressure. Sustained 18l per minute from the boiler does not mean from all outlets, it will be halved if 2 outlets are calling for hot water. Washing machine cold feed still takes from the cold...
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    Do I need a power flush & hot flush?

    More Good Advice from Bob :o
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    chest pains and sore throat,,,carbon monoxide,,,???

    CO Alarm £15.00 from most supermarkets. Pete
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    valliant boiler problem

    You have not told us what model you have. Here is a link to resetting a turbo max error code 28. Pete
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    Megaflo air gap replenishing

    Could be a few things, you may have a defective pressure/temp relief valve. Sometimes these do not seat correctly after testing (servicing) What is the pressure like from your hot taps? Pete
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    Square shower head to rose type.

    You can only increase the pressure if you uprate the pump. The only thing a different head will do is change the spray pattern and flow rate. Pete
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    Tudor roughcasting chips. Problem!

    We us Fila, we buy it rom Topps tiles. It is a clear solvent based liquid, it does not affect the grout when we use it so it should be ok. Do a test area first. Pete
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    Gravity flush going to make any difference?

    Hmmm "Pressurised pump" maybe not so good advice :D Pete
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    Tudor roughcasting chips. Problem!

    You could try a natural stone colour enhancer. We use it on slate tiles to give a wet look. Good luck Pete
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    Combi boilers and pump overrun

    The heat from the primary exchanger will dissipate very quickly into the main primaries, if it cuts off when the heat is gone it may actually be more efficient than a timed unit. Pete
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    Base flooring advice for bathroom UFH and tiles

    I would advise using a decoupling membrane (Ditra) under the tiles as you will have movement and this allows for such.It also tanks the room which is handy in a shower room. Pete
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    PLUMBING QUOTE real or no deal?

    Since it is a considerable sized project I would advise you get in another 2 or 3 quotes. Do not get" a lot more quotes" as if the prices are similar then you are wasting your time and theirs. Do however get an itemised detailed quote as you mention. Pete
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    PLUMBING QUOTE real or no deal?

    From the bones you provide it does not appear too steep. Pete
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    Anyone Recognise This Shower Mixer?

    The body looks very like a Grohe style unit. Pete
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    Do people know how to use power tools ?

    Some people will buy a cheap alternative that will last a few times and then go back for an exchange time and time again. Pete
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    Keston C45 - Question Regarding Thermostat Setting

    Thermostat controller is defective. We have replaced several in the last few years on a C55. You will need a new panel board. I have a few spare if you wish to pm me. In the meantime you can wire up the 2 zones on the thermostat that is still working. It is just a single wire (purple) from...
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    I am going to scream if this happens again! Why, why, why?

    The pipe work looks pretty historic and the leaking joint looks like an imperial sized tee. Have you changed from tank fed to mains fed cold supply. Or even mains hot supply from a tank as they can crossover at fittings and blow old joints. Pete
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    PTFE and paste

    ooooh paste is so messy ptfe is so clean lol Pete
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    Shower drain

    It sounds like the action of a hepvo inline drain valve. What is after the shower trap, how long and what size etc. Pete