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    Fitting window on newly laid brickwork

    Hi All, Window fitters are supposed to be coming this Friday. Does Anyone have any thoughts on the above? Any opinion or advice would be much a appreciated. Thanks again!
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    Fitting window on newly laid brickwork

    Hi All, We are having some windows fitted, but the opening is being reduced. The window company assure me it is ok to brick up the space then fit the new window on the same day. I have not seen this done before. Do you think this is ok? Thanks!
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    Removing unknown Pipe

    Hi all, I have a brick shed in my garden that is attached to a main building, I am looking to remove the shed. The main building is not my property and it's wall runs along our boundary. There is a pipe that comes vertically out of the floor in the shed and ends in a tap outside the shed...
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    Central Heating - Losing pressure

    Hi All, I have seen a few similar threads, but thought it best to start a new one as they spoke about megaflow systems and we have a Joule Unvented cylinder. We had the unvented cylinder installed a few months ago and all the pipework redone in the house, however there was a few months gap...
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    Dispute between SE and Builder

    Hi all, We have had an extension done and have recently knocked through and put in a large steel. The builder (and project manager) has put the steel on a padstone and the padstone is suspended across the two leaves of the cavity wall. The cavity wall that it is sat on used to have a closed...