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    Should i move this tree...

    Did a double take for a minute, saw your garden on AVF :D Improving drainage is the best bet but if you can't accomplish this through increasing the hole size/trenching then as a last resort you could put the Photinia in a large pot. Pot the plant, half fill the hole with gravel then...
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    Indian Stone Questions / Advice

    If the mix was wet enough to start with just cover the barrow to keep it from drying off. If it's a much cooler day then don't worry too much. Wabitpoo I guess was checking you haven't used the 5 spot technique which Tommy Walsh should be shot for advocating. It can lead to wobbly slabs and...
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    Indian Stone Questions / Advice

    As well as slightly wetter mortar 'wash' the bottom of the slabs with a brush dipped in a bucket of water before laying. Works wonders.
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    Dog wee

    Urine burns on lawns have nothing to do with pH. It's the Nitrogen content of Urine which causes the scorching effect. A vet explained to me the pitfalls of the salt increase technique. That's why I'm surprised GQT let the question be answered. Theoretically it will work, but potentially...
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    Dog wee

    It's surprising that GQT let that one through, it's proven to be a dangerous solution. The idea behind Tomato juice is that the dog takes on board more salt, as a result drinks more water which in turn leads to them effectively diluting their own urine. Adjusting the salt intake of any...
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    7' Wooden fence post buried 7" !?!?!?

    It's not acceptable in the slightest. The lack of support is a genuine safety hazard and it's your neighbour's responsibility to make good. How she does this isn't your concern but it's imperative she does it asap. For a 7 feet post bury 1.5 feet at a minimum.
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    Decking Frame and Wobbly Newel advice

    Well done mate that's good to hear :D
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    Strimmer that lasts ?

    You'll be a fool if you do this. An even bigger fool considering you've been given the best advice which is not to do it. A local gardener did a Heath Robinson job on an Echo strimmer once which involved the line cutting blade. He lost one eye and the bridge of his nose but hey, he was...
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    Does this conifer have another life or has it got to go?

    Leave it where it is and grow an evergreen climber against it. The climber will use the tree as it's framework. If you got a Lonicera Henryi or similar it would do it's own thing, no training required, prune when it's getting wayward and that would be pretty much it...
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    patio door treshold

    That will be fine. A damp mix though, not dry.
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    Lawn Sand treatment of Moss

    As much dead moss as possible should be removed for a couple of main reasons. It's been chemically treated so decomposition can be thwarted as the beneficial bacteria required to aid decomposition will be largely killed off by the residual chemicals. It will eventually decompose if you leave...
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    where do I put the oil?

    Are there any white caps on the mower? There's sometimes two (one on either side) and they're sometimes yellow instead.
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    pickled eggs

    In a packet of Cheese and Onion or Salt and Vinegar. Top scran.
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    Raised flower / planting beds ideas for supports please

    Looks like a Trachycarpus. Nice curves by the way Thermo.
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    You're right it's 1600m. Simplified it's; a/u = (w-a)/v (w+b)/u = (2w-b)/v w = width u = speed (unknown) v = speed (unknown) a= 1 distance travelled = 650 b= 1 distance travelled = 350 w=3a-b =1600
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    log cabin

    Put a log cabin in your garden about 5mx5m. Put a pool table and small bar in it and just invite the boys round.
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    Infilling joints between paving flags

    Maybe contact one of the companies on this list and ask their advice? One of these products may be adaptable although from my limited experience I'd hazard a guess that pointing a patio using a similar product may not only be fiddly but potentially quite messy.
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    need help identifying weed/fungus on lawn

    Judging from your photos I'm 99.99% sure that's Lichen. Which one I'm not sure but... It will thrive in a damp, poorly drained and undernourished lawn. The way to eradicate it would be to scarify the lawn to remove any overabundance of thatch, Aerate the lawn with a hollow tiner, top dress...
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    Raised bed

    Use tea bags soaked in Olbas oil works a treat. Also the bottles of water mentioned above. As long as they wouldn't be obtrusive.
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    Raised bed

    Looks like Choysia Ternata 'Sundance'. Easily hits 6-8ft tall but also easy to maintain at the desired height and width. Nice photos anyway, looking very good.