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    Link 2 outside taps

    Really appreciate your reply. I have one in order. Thanks
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    Link 2 outside taps

    Hi, Is there a fitting available or an outside tap where you can run another 15mm pipe to then attach a new outside tap. I don’t want to tee of the existing 15mm pipe as there isn’t much through the wall.
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    hot water booster pump

    Hi, If I fit a single impeller pump off a hot water cylinder will I have a problem of it pumping out of the vent pipe when taps are off? Very grateful for a prompt reply.
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    re: unusual shower tray size

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where i can buy a 860mm x 760mm shower tray? thanks
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    no hot pressure from thermostatic power shower

    Hi, Strangely enough I had a similar problem with a customer of mine. I solved the poor flow by adjusting the ball cock in the tank in the loft so the water level was as high as possible without going above overflow pipe of course. The increase in water in the tank improved the hot...
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    concealed cistern

    many thanks, I love this forum for its sense of humour!
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    concealed cistern

    Hi, Can anyone help me locate a push button replacement cistern. The only information on the cistern is TD 212-a. The problem is you have to hold the button down for it to flush. Its a pneumatic flush device if that helps. all replies including any sarcasm appreciated!
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    re; power max 155 not draining down

    Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated!
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    re; power max 155 not draining down

    Help please, I have removed an upstairs radiator by shutting off valves. I have emptied the expansion tank in loft. I shut off all the upstairs rads and started to drain via the valve on removed rad. I had filled 12 buckets before I came to the conclusion that the system isnt...
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    bath staining

    I have an acrylic bath that is staining because of my use of self tanning products. Is there a grade of bath that will not stain, ie steel bath. Anyone able to advise? Many thanks
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    re: time lapse before tiling?

    Hi, How long after plastering can you begin tiling? I have heard six weeks?
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    "p" shaped bath panel

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can purchase a "P" shaped bath panel only? Many thanks.
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    re: science question

    Dear reader, Can anyone explain the science behind the following situation i encountered? The feed pipe from header tank to inlet on an indirect cylinder is very corroded with visible holes. If I shut the gate valve that stops the feed from header tank the pipe from...
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    tiling on a ceiling??

    point taken, i was actually concerned about the weight of the tiles on the plasterboard, ie would it take it?
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    tiling on a ceiling??

    Hi there, a customer of mine has asked me to tile the ceiling in the shower cubicle, I personally don't think its a particularly safe or good idea and wanted to get some other opinions off other tilers. I have only been tiling since March and have never been aware of ceilings been tiled before...
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    spray sealant for driveway?

    Hi, Is there a product that can be sprayed on a driveway to seal it after cleaning? If so what is it and where can it be bought. Many thanks for your assistance.
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    re: moving hot water cylinder

    Hi, Could you advise me please if I move a hotwater cylinder into another bedroom on same floor, would I need to move the cold water tank in loft so its directly above the cylinder or will it not make any difference to the pressure? Thanks for your help, I dont want to start something...
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    customer compensation claim

    Hi, I had an experience where the matter did go to court, but the magistrate basically said to the customer, "it is your responsibility to prove the plumber had done something wrong not the plumbers job to prove his innocence". If it goes to court, you have nothing to worry about as long as you...
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    Astracast pillar tap

    Hi, I believe on these mixers that the hot should run through the centre part and cold on outer part of spout, the reason being that the tap spout doesn't get hot to touch and that you don't get warm water initially when running the cold. Try it you have nothing to lose, (switch hot and cold...
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    outside stop tap problem

    Thanks everyone, just one final thing, does the tap turn clockwise to close and anti clockwise to open as normal and is it full turns or does it just a half turn, as i dont want to force it beyond its limit. Thanks again.