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  1. J

    Ive learnt a lot in 12 weeks

    Thanks for the reminder - I've got two boys of 3 and 5, and another one due to pop out any day soon. The pooing had faded from my memory.......
  2. J

    help me please...........

    A picture is going to speak a thousand words here, but if the internal light is working normally, with the exception that your outside light needs to be off for it to work at all, and you kind of remember a small red link wire in the switch, I would hazard a guess at the following....... The...
  3. J

    Does this exist ?

    In my son's bedroom is a dimmer switch, which I turn down low whilst he goes to sleep. However, he keeps on turning it up bright and keeping himself awake, and it is winding me up so, I have decided that what I need is some sort of key-switchable fixed dimmer, to set a (low) maximum brightness...
  4. J

    Extension Cables for Broadband Connection

    Right - I now have Broadband up and running. Because of where my village is, we were only ever told we'd get a 1Meg service and, according to the connection box, we are running at 1.1 Megs, even with my 15m extension. However, I now have an additional question. Because of the way I have...
  5. J

    group suicides

    "The sun's hot today....." - obviously - it's a huge fireball, millions of miles in diameter !!
  6. J

    Proof to support creationism?

    Back to the original question, the answer is eyes...... We all know how evolution is supposed to work. One Giraffe gets born with a slightly longer neck, has a bit of an advantage, his descendants start to win out until a slightly longer necked giraffe gets thrown up, and so on. But eyes...
  7. J

    Sensor Lights

    Were there any short power cuts on this wet & windy night ? Many of these lights have a 'permanent on' facility, where you have to power off then on again quickly to make it work. Do like Breezer says and turn them off for a few minutes. If you haven't got a switch fitted for the lights...
  8. J

    Police shot to kill Brazilian - now we know.

    Don't apologise - We've seen worse........ Posting an opinion's what its all about :wink:
  9. J

    Favorite Movie

    I watched Police Academy again the other night - Do you remember how, when it came out, it was seen as being the funniest film ever. It was only the 6 sequels that spoilt it. To quote Homer, when Bart is caught stealing..... "I always brought you up to respect law and order. Why do you...
  10. J

    Piano Man returns

    No worries!! I think I know what the other thing you thought I was getting at was too, but no - it was just about this story and no other - The other thing has been more than amply covered of late. Apparently a few papers have been carrying the 'single note' story today - Sounds like the...
  11. J

    Piano Man returns

    Erm.....No hidden meanings intended - Just that some reports are now saying he wasn't quite as much of a piano virtuoso as we were originally led to believe.
  12. J

    Piano Man returns

    I must admit, I thought he was just putting it on, as a prelude to some publicity for a record coming out in the future, but I guess he's strung it out for a bit too long now for that to be true. I've heard that the story about him being a piano virtuoso now boils down to him drawing a...
  13. J

    Asteroid Impact/Capture/Encounter??????

    Groovy, Man ! :wink:
  14. J

    Asteroid Impact/Capture/Encounter??????

    OK, I let this ride the other day when you did it on the do-gooding hippy post, but I have to ask now..... WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING ME JS ?? Is it some Trigger, Rodney, Dave Thing ? :lol:
  15. J

    Favorite Movie

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off for me - I see a new gag every time I watch it !!
  16. J

    Asteroid Impact/Capture/Encounter??????

    IIRC, Geostationary Satellites can only sit in a band around the equator and whilst this isn't full up at the moment, it almost certainly will be by 2029. Also, letting this thing get within 22,000 miles seems a bit close to me. Why not keep it in a further out orbit, but place a satellite...
  17. J

    Narrowboat festival over the bank holiday!

    Well I find they beat Sudoku, when you fancy a challenge....... :D I'm getting quite good at them now.,
  18. J

    fuel cost and how to make them lower

    Try this, and happy boating :wink: Now if someone can tell me how to do the same with the LPG tank in my garden........
  19. J

    Greek airline crash

    Just for those who like the idea that there may be more to things than there first appears, I humbly submit the following from the BBC website today.... Autopsies have been conducted on all 118 bodies found at the crash site north of Athens. But three - including the captain's - are still...
  20. J

    Electric or safety razor?

    :shock: Blimey, Modern life, eh !! Wasn't like that ten years ago when I was last 'on the scene', I can tell you. When considering switching to an electric razor, make sure that you take Part P into consideration.