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    Garage Floods when it rains

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions and in response to Noseall, the garage floor is slightly lower than the external paving installed around the 3 walls of the garage. I did however get a builder mate in and he says that the external paving which has been installed right upto the garage...
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    Garage Floods when it rains

    Hi all, Water trickles in from 3 distinct areas of my garage and as my garage is not dead level, water congregates to the flat area. It can at times take up to 9 buckets to get rid of the water. I have attached some photos. Any recommendation would be very welcome as it has flooded 3 times...
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    Veritas 8 alarm tamper red light

    Not sure where to look at to review the basic log but I pressed omit on the keypad and nothing happened. I have attached a photo of the keypad and the tamper light on. //
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    Veritas 8 alarm tamper red light

    My alarm went off a few weeks back when I accidentally entered the incorrect code and the alarm went off. I put the correct code and unfortunately the tamper light will not go off. I have tried to reset and also followed the steps in a separate forum discussion where it recommended to remove...