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    Temporary propping of loft to allow pigeon decontamination contractors to work safely

    I would use Acroprops and 4 x 2 timbers both on the ceiling and on the floor to spread the load. Screw the 4 X 2's up into the ceiling joists and down to the floor and also screw the Acro's top and bottom to stop them twisting. Be careful not to overtighten as you don't want to lift it all, just...
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    Replacement glass panel for a front door?

    You can find some on eBay if you search for "georgian wired glass" or "wired safety glass" otherwise you could go with a laminated glass or a toughened glass and any good glass stockists will be able to cut them to size for you.
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    Ball Park Cost of Hip and Ridge Tile Replacement

    No picture required as £5,700 for a semi is robbery no two ways about it. If your friend won't get other quotes then suggest to her you do it for her ( the quotes, not the ridge ! ) and at least then you can compare but unless the house is enormous with several hips you should not be paying that.
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    Can anyone identify this part of a front door knob assembly?

    It is called a Circlip (circular clip) and readily available and you fit them with these...
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    Moving back/kitchen door !

    May be better having a word with your local Council as each area and often each property can have their own Regs and rules such as the area you live in, Conservation areas, covenants, etc.... so likely that nobody on here can give you a definate answer but they should be able to help.
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    Changing Extension to Bathroom

    If BC are involved they will no doubt want it done to the current Regs to achieve the liveable standard of housing. You would need foil backed PIR between the joists and similar to the ceiling and that would certainly be noticably warmer for you in there. Best option is to ring them if you are...
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    Private Number Plates

    They have money, but not a lot of taste me thinks.....
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    Are these roof tiles a problem?

    The good news is that it can all be repaired via the Velux so no scaffold costs.
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    Has anyone here succesfully re coated a bath?

    I used an enamel kit and it was applied with a roller and brush for the tricky bits around the taps and outlets. There are plenty out there such as this one...
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    Perfectly possible but it all depends on your budget and how much work and mess you want really. The red brick above the lintel will need to go, among others, and obviously needs repointing but firstly check that the crack to the right on the header is not going to be an issue as if that is bad...
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    Has anyone here succesfully re coated a bath?

    I re-enamelled a cast bath around ten years back and it went very well and is still looking good as it is a rental i work on from time to time for the landlady. It is, like anything, all about good preparation although you do need to be DIY capable to a degree so take your time getting...
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    Can anyone give me an idea on how I could get a staircase up to the loft without a dormer?

    I think you would struggle for headroom in there given that the roll of Rockwool is around 4ft tall and you look like you have 18" or so above that but that is before you strengthen the floor by fitting deeper joists. Unless your elderly Mother needs to get into the loft then i would get someone...
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    Composite cladding

    Fill the main area with full planks and then cut an equal width piece to finish each side so visually it has symmetry and then an angle trim for the edging.
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    Insanely precise method of cutting-in required!

    As mentioned above it does look like you could probably slide a wide scraper into the gap while you paint but otherwise mask it up as best you can and you will be fine as any overspill paint will easily scrape off the marble with a flat Stanley blade
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    What can I use for a garage floor paint over Arditex NA self leveling?

    It is because of the low to zero absorption of the self levelling compound. Different makes have differing results so may be worth asking the manufacturer of your brand what they recommend using.
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    Wood for compost heap construction

    I would go with the 8 X 2 timbers but fit a sacrificial inner layer of cheap laminate underlay, the stuff on a roll... Staple the underlay on and then cut panels of the Correx / T-Bord floor protection panels...
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    Private Number Plates

    mmmm.... wonder who owns this one ??
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    Garage extension

    It appears that the house a few doors up has extended to the pavement so you could ask them what they had to do or alternatively ask the Council.
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    What's this

    Looks to me like a length of twinwall polycarbonate roofing, no idea why it is there but that's what it looks like. Check if it has hollow sections with ribs in the middle and see through.
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    Upvc door handle- missing grub screw

    All depends on the maker and i would think you will have one on the inner handle so you could try that and get another the same.