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    rounded off bleed nipples on rads

    got afew rads that i cannot get a grip on with a rad bleed key any ideas how to get round this problem,i was thinking a very small socket????might have to to stick a small bit of metal in socket to get a grip,need help asap please :!: :!:
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    under cabinet lighting

    do these under cabinet lights have a switch on the transformer to turn them on and off?
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    stop cock??

    Can anybody advise please I have old half inch steel water pipe running through my house from the mains stop cock as far as the kitchen which is in the process of being replaced.I have fitted a brass half inch compression fitting into the old steel pipe off one of the old elbows and run new...
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    adding a rad /plastic or copper

    got to t off some pipe under the floor for a new rad I never soldered any pipe before so will be using pushfit I normally use jg speedfit but what is better hep 2o 0r jg or copper pushfits
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    copper pushfits/plastic

    what is the life expectancy for plastic or copper pushfits before they leak?
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    radiator dilema??

    got to fit a radiator in a kitchen diner,my only problem is what size rad I would prefer to go for the 600x1600 double but its quite close to my free standing fridge freezer unless I pull the freezer away from the wall a foot or so or go for the 600x1400 double rad??the room now having been...
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    radiator bleed nipple/valve

    Hi I got a couple of rads that where the bleed nipples have rounded abit so cannot get a good fit with the bleed key, anybody know what size socket could be used to hopefully undo these little bliters and let me bleed them and hopefully get a replacement screw
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    radiator question??

    can anybody tell me if a 700x1200 compact double convector radiator the output is 8218 BTU 2407w would give out enough heat for a room approx. 3.5mx3.5
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    fitting end panels/fillers

    anybody know best size panels to use next to appliances that don't have a carcase ie just have a appliance door on them,and how many you will need I have a washing machine,dishwasher and under counter fridge???
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    kitchen corner post again??

    after my sink unit I will have a intergrated dishwaser no unit for this just a door front then running the opposte direction will be a corner unit which is underneath the breakfast bar,so what iam getting at is where the dishwaser ends next to the corner unit will I fit the corner post to the...
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    kitchen corner post ????

    hi I have question with regards cornerposts in kitchen, if I have a highline corner base unit and next to it running off is my washing machine which is a built in type which will have a appliance door fitted but does not need a carcase will I need a corner post ??as iam about to order the units...
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    kitchen help please??

    I am about to order a kitchen but not sure about a few things,i want to make sure my wall units next to my free standing cooker are inline with my base units(does that make sense)I am going to have a 900mm corner base unit with a 400mm door the corner wall unit above is 600mm and a 400 mm...
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    I have put my sockets 6 inches above worktops (150mm) that ok??
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    speed fit 15mm adapter /steel to copper /plastic

    Got change my plumbing on my cold feed to plastic pipe I see they do a adapter for 15mm to half inch if I screw the adapter in to the old steel pipe can the plastic be pushed in to thenew fitting or should I put a small ppiece of copper in first and then add a coupling then the plastic???
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    jg speed fit/copper?

    Can you join copper to jg speed fit fittings? ??
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    new kitchen question?

    Putting in a new kitchen in next few months, as all base units have adjustable Legs I dont see the point of boarding the floor, have knocked the wall out Between kitchen and dining room and will be putting down a tiled laminate, so is it ok to fitkkitchen onto the floorboards as will be re...
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    plastic fittings

    Can anybody recommend what plastic fittings supplier to use There seems to be atleast 3 to choose from?
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    should I replace my old fuse box?? fitting new kitchen

    In process of gutting my kitchen and wil be moving afew sockets etc, going to have a integrated fridge, dishwasher and washing machine, but still have a old fuse box with old fashioned fuses with the wire, dont have any probs with it though. But think it could be a good time to upgrade to new...
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    metal boxes for sockets

    What do you recommend for new boxes for my new sockets 25mm or 35mm deep??
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    blocking up doorway queries? ?

    I have some spare 4×2 timber thst want to block a door way up with if I build a stud wall I notice even with plasterboard there wil be a big gap between the plasterboard and originalwall can you use battens on the stud wall then ffitthe plasterboard so it can then just be skimmed??