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    New Smart Heating Controls

    Hi, Newbie to heating automation, so coming for advice. I am looking to introduce smart heating controls to a community building. 1 single combi boiler, there are about 6 different rooms, that would be useful to have separate TRV control per room. The building is old and not great for RF, there...
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    Audi A4 2litre two 2006 drivers window won't go back up?

    Completely different car, but I had a window regulator go which meant that whatever direction the switch went, the window would only go one way. If you can remove the motor/regulator assembly and check that it will go both ways with the switch.
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    Expansion flowing into header tank

    Asking for a friend. This morning, they noticed a constant flow from an overflow. On investigation, it appears that is it from the CH header tank from their description. (Small tank, ball cock inlet, bottom outlet, overflow and open pipe curved over the top of the tank presumably the expansion...
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    Mystery disc drive?

    I have the same issue with my work PC. It is a recovery partition, for some reason it has started appearing in Windows and it won't let me remove the drive letter assignment. You can hack the registry to stop the annoying low disk space reminders. Check out this link...
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    Where do we start when buying a new boiler?

    If you have a preferred plumber or plumbing firm, it may well be that they have a manufacturer that they are particularly familiar with. If they are also the local warranty perosn for that make, it is likely that they will carry spares, which could get you up and running quicker in the event of...
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    Space Saver Wheel Use

    I once stopped in the early hours to help some stuck women who had a puncture. They only had that sealant crap. They only needed to go a few miles. The instructions were so tedious, I told them that they would be better off if I gave them a lift home and sort it out the next morning. More hassle...
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    What charger do I need

    What does the charging port look like?
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    The world we live

    Was the plane on a conveyor belt? If the belt was going in the opersite direction to the plane at a matching speed, would the plane take off? :-)
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    3rd Party Building Regs Co - threatening to pass back to Council

    Did you get this in writing. It sounds as if the admin for the 3rd parts guys are a bit disonnected from the inspectors. I'd want to have written confirmation of what they said.
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    Linking two buildings

    Check out the products from Unifi Enterprise grade WiFi products. Sold in the UK by
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    Moving into a new property - things to ask

    Windows / Doors if fitted within last 10 years may have warranty that can be passed on with the sale of the house. Details?
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    Just to throw in. The PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol) VPN is now considered insecure. Apple have chosen to cease support for this natively in IOS10. As mentioned, exactly what you are trying to achieve will determine the best approach. Any details?
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    Living in office

    Although I know little on this subject, I am involved with a charity that was thinking about selling a property that had been used as a community building. When we consulted the council, we were told that it would have to be marketed as for community use for at least 6 months with no takers...
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    AppleTV - worth it? Getting one jailbroken?

    If what you are wanting to achieve is being able to watch legally accessed content streamed to your TV, probably one of the most open ways is the Chromecast. Many apps such as iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, All4 etc (Not sure about Amazon TV) can be "Cast" (Played) on the Chromecast, controlled by...
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    Bosch WVT1260GB long wash time

    Tracked the problem down to a failed element.
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    Bosch WVT1260GB long wash time

    Our washing machine has started taking a really long time on the wash cycle. It used to take about an hour but now although the timer says an hour it can take 2.5 hours. At times it can say it has 1 minute left, then a few minutes later will say 40 minutes. My wife did fiddle with various...
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    unwanted e-mail

    There will never be a practical way of totally blocking unwanted email as the sender's email address can be spoofed. The most secure is to whitelist you email. This way only "allowed" email addresses get through to you. Bit of a pain this way though, as unless you don't use email that much, you...
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    Supply for EV car charging

    Have a look at the documents here at the EVHS scheme which can give grants up to £500 through authorised installers for a charging point installation. The installers should also be able to give you advice on the existing installation. I believe there are additional complexitites with charging...
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    Regulations for burying wires etc

    Thanks for the replies. Most helpful.
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    Regulations for burying wires etc

    I have looked on the Wiki and searched the threads but not found anything recent. A friend of mine has built a large room/big summer house (all within planning regs etc) at the bottom of his garden (10-15m from house) He intends to have power, coax and network run to the building. He wishes to...