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    House with two electric meters

    Hi I am hoping for some advice. I am in the process of purchasing a detatched property that for the last twenty years or so has been split into two houses with seperate electricity meters. I intend to open up the house and make back into one single dwelling - my only concern is with the two...
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    Driveway wall and gates - height restrictions

    I am intending to build a wall at the end of my driveway (well within my boundary) and hang some driveway gates. I note from researching the planning portal that permission is not required as long as the wall does not exceed 1 metre in height. Does that 1 metre in height include any railings...
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    Moisture seeping from under bricks on top of raft !

    Thanks for everybody's input. I have investigated this problem further. Had a company in today to check for leaks. They checked the mains water pipe from the meter to the house and there was no sign of a leak - they also turned my water back on and watched the mains meter and there was no...
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    Moisture seeping from under bricks on top of raft !

    Hi Thanks for all your replies. There is no sign of moisture inside the house. The fact that all the moisture is below the dpm level makes me suspect that the heating pipes are fine and the moisture is coming up from underneath ??????? In reply to noseall question about subsoil clay -...
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    Moisture seeping from under bricks on top of raft !

    Thanks for your reply There is no smell to the liquid and it is clear. I have my suspicion that it my be a leaking radiator pipe under the floor. I have ceramic tiles downstairs so damp is not really that obvious to spot. I have just noticed a little bit of skirting board that has ever so...
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    Moisture seeping from under bricks on top of raft !

    Thanks for that - dont really know how to check the pressure on my boiler. It a gravity fed sytem (oil-fired) - no pressure warning lights. I would have assumed that any leaking radiator pipes would have caused dampness within the house?? I will try and investigate a little more.
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    Moisture seeping from under bricks on top of raft !

    Hi I am hoping that someone may be able to advise or re-assure me!! A couple of days ago I noticed a damp mark along the mortar between my brick course and the raft foundation. I didnt think much of it considering all the icy and damp weather we have had lately. The following day the damp...
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    Water pics
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    Tensioning roof membrane

    Does anybody have any ideas on how to tension roof membrane from inside the roof space?? I have had an extension built and have used a breathable membrane - but it is quite 'slack' in places. This 'slackness' is causing a lot of noise on windy days as the 'slack' membrane is flapping about ...
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    expansion gap

    It doesnt really matter - I tend to lay the underlay up to the edge of the wall or skirting board but it wont make the slightest difference to the wooden floor - underlay will not expand and shrink like wood!
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    Laminate newbie

    Definately not ! You will need to use proper laminate/wood flooring underlay. Carpet underlay is to thick and if you lay laminate over the top the boards will be bending and bouncing every time you walk over them! Best underlay I have used on several occasions is fibre-board stuff that wickes...
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    Is planning required for a new external door ??

    I am planning to have a builder knock a hole in the side of my garage and install an external door. The door will be opening onto my property (side alley running along the side of my house). It would not affect the appearance of the front of the property and would have no impact on my...
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    Dupont tyvek roof membrane - noisy when windy - help req'd !

    I have just had an extension completed and the builders have used Dupont tyvek breathable membrane under the roof tiles. It sems a great product but I am now noticing that it is quite a noisy membrane when the wind blows !! It seems that the wind gets underneath where the layers overlap and...
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    Notching of floor joists - advice required

    I am hoping somebody may be able to help with a problem I have encountered. My builder and I have just laid the floor joists for an extension we are building. The plumbers have notched out thin sections at the top of the joists for all the pipework etc. The problem I have is that the last...
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    Which sattelite cable is best ?

    Hi all Having an extension built and I am planning to make use of the two remaining outputs on my sky quad LNB. Using two already for sky plus but want to run two new cables to the extension so that I can hook-up freesat HD in the new bedrooms. My question is what cable do people...
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    Puddles forming on concrete path - how to level path ??

    Thanks for replies. Did try and level path with a slight fall away from brickwork and after completing work it looked perfect !!! I dont care about small puddles - its just that they are next to the brickwork - would it be wise to paint a sealer on the bricks just for piece of mind or is that...
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    Puddles forming on concrete path - how to level path ??

    Hi there I have recently layed a concrete path along the side of my house. Unfortunately since the concrete has dried out and we have since had rain I have noticed that I keep getting three areas where puddles are forming. What is bothering me is that the puddles are forming up against the...
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    Timber floor joists instead of I-Joists -advice required

    I am in the process of having a first floor extension built above my double garage. The architect and structural engineers plans include the use of I-Joists spanning 4.8 metres spaced every 400mm. (The area being floored is 4.8 x 9 metres). My builder however is not keen on using I-Joists...