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    Satinwood and raised grain

    Okay thank you. First coat was thin, second and third fairly thick. It's oil based gloss but the primer was water based. There's no radiator at the moment so maybe 12-14 degrees? Should I have left it longer?
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    Satinwood and raised grain

    It's oil based. Says on the tin 16-24 hours. Although it's an unheated room as the radiator isn't connected so maybe I should have left it longer?
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    Satinwood and raised grain

    Hi. I'm getting a weird finish on my shelf using Dulux Trade Satinwood. I think it's raised grain? It's hardwood, previously varnished. Here's what I did: Stripped varnish with carbide blade Sanded 40, 80 then 120 One coat of Dulux undercoat and primer Sanded 120 One coat of Satinwood One...
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    Clay tiles on conservatory roof

    Yeah I agree. Basically we've got a baby on the way and this is the cheapest way to get some more space, as it's currently only usable 2 months of the year. Personally I hate conservatories but it does look well built so it would be a shame for it to sit there unused or knocked down.
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    Clay tiles on conservatory roof

    Photos attached. Plan was to mirror the existing roof shape, but bring the roof line slightly lower.
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    Clay tiles on conservatory roof

    Hi. Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes. We have a small (about 12 square metre) conservatory. It is hardwood and double glazed on dwarf walls and in sound condition. We enquired about replacing the roof with an insulated "warm roof" using lightweight tiles. We had a quote from...
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    Supporting bay window roof

    We've been advised by both the surveyor when we bought the house and a window fitter that the gable roof above our bay window is not supported adequately. There is slight deflection to the roof line and the window fitter said our options were to either support it temporarily while they change...
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    Chimney breast lintel

    I want to install a log burner in this opening. It has a brick arch lintel that sits fairly low (84cm if you include the bricks at the base). I want to install a lintel and box it off but I'm struggling to work out how I can do this in the least invasive way possible. I think at the very least...
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    How to cut lining paper round this arch

    I agree not papering it and painting it would be preferable. The problem is that the breast is lined with wood on the edges and the plaster has cracked down the length where the wood meets the brick. I thought about filling it but there's too much movement in the wood and I think it will...
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    How to cut lining paper round this arch

    Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to paper the chimney breast. I'm wondering about the best way of trimming round the arch. I'm going to run three lengths down it - one in the middle, one either side. The rendering is about half an inch thick and is tapered back in to the brick. Ideally I want to...
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    Fixing dresser to wall

    IMG_20161030_094719 by voteforpedro posted 30 Oct 2016 at 9:51 AM I want to fix the shelves above to an internal brick wall in our kitchen. It has no fixing points. It will be free hanging and will be holding mostly jars full of food stuffs. It measures 116x111x19 cm approx and is constructed...
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    Scaffold board shelves - securing to plasterboarded walls with cavity

    I am going to fit some scaffold boards as shelves in our kitchen (up to 80cm long). They will be fitted to the wall with cast iron supports with three screws. They will be holding plates, bowls etc... So basically, the brackets will be holding a fair bit of weight. Now the issue is the wall in...