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    Outside Garden Wall Tap Dripping Water

    A message from a computer rather than a person. Often employing some sort of Artificial Intelligence Stupidity to phrase the question.
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    'Safe Zone' created by 'current using equipment' ??

    Perhaps we could start with the common case of a wall mounted extractor fan. Does the extractor fan create safe zones above, below and to both sides which are the same width and height as the extractor fan?
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    Grout haze
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    IP Rating requirement for Garage/Workshop Consumer Unit

    The minimum is IP4X on the top surface and IP2XC on all other surfaces. What have they quoted?
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    PIV Systems or equivalent

    Nuaire DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC
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    A personal observation.

    Was there a queue?
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    Doorway edge protector, suggestions please?

    If you search the internet for "Wall corner guards" there are lots of options in plastic, metal or rubber. Something there might suit your taste.
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    roof felt/batterns/tiles replaced, but BC not notified

    The last house I sold had new tiles and felt to replace old pan tiles without any felt. No BC involvement. No queries relating to the roof during the sale.
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    How much haunching can I cut away?

    Yes. That concrete is the only thing preventing the pavers from moving sideways when a car runs over them. Leave the concrete there and cut the grids.
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    roof felt/batterns/tiles replaced, but BC not notified

    No. It is the homeowners responsibility to ensure that structual or alteration work complies with building standards. You can delegate responsibility to your builder or contractor in advance of them starting work. But, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring your home complies with relevant...
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    Ceiling like meringue

    Don't stand underneath the bit you are removing. People leave all sorts of crap laying on top of plasterboard including bricks which have been used to prop up pipes etc. If a falling brick hits you it is going to smart a bit.
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    Telescopic Gutter Cleaning Lance For Karcher

    If they work they are just going to wash the crap out of the gutter into the downpipe. Then you have a blocked downpipe that needs clearing.
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    Gas meter in garage - issues.

    The idea is to stop it from melting if there is a fire in the garage.
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    Do you know what firmware version is on it?
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    Gas meter in garage - issues.

    Our gas supply was plastic in the garage because it had been built over when an extension was built by previous owners. When we wanted a new boiler one of the people quoting noticed the plastic pipe and issued paperwork to say it was wrong (I can't remember the exact wording of that notice). I...
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    Is it new or did you buy used? Some of the old ones won't connect and can't be upgraded.
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    Damaged white triangle on brown outside gas meter box .. any ideas?

    When you have got it open replacement latches are available online:
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    Is the screw on the side of this thing the open/close control?

    That screw is shown partly open. Fully open the screw slot would be in line with the pipe. Fully closed is a quarter turn so that the screw slot is across the pipe. Sometimes these things leak or break when you turn them as they haven't usually been touched for years so be prepared to turn the...
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    Domestic Titan Petrol leaf blower cutting out. Possible solution

    This stuff works to prevent the fuel going stale in 4 or 2 stroke machines: It wont clear out the old crap.
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    Tile trims

    Yes. Aim to have the trim too small rather than too large, they look awful if they overhang the face of the tile.