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    WB Greenstar 30i ErP & Hive

    Hi all, Another hive install question! So we have a WB Greenstar 30i ErP and currently a Honeywell thermostat. The current boiler has a L, N, E supply. It then has two wires which seems to go to 1 and 3 on the honeywell. Is anyone able to give a simple list of which connections need...
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    Building Control want a Part P electric certificate

    Sorry, the situation continues. Extractor fan is accessible from wiring in loft. The pump is accessible from bedroom next door. I guess the question is what defines a circuit really!
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    Building Control want a Part P electric certificate

    Hi all, So bathroom has been finished and building control came out today and want a Part P certificate. Seems fair but this document implies we don’t need one. There is no new circuit. There is no electrics in zone a. There are spotlights on existing lighting circuit accessible from loft...
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    Part P - Special Location

    I think you missed the point, I wasn’t asking for your opinion on builders V electricians, I was asking for confirmation or otherwise that the law is as described.
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    Part P - Special Location

    Hi all, You are always the font of all knowledge, so thank you in advance. We have a non "competent person" registered builder installing an en suite. I mean non-competent person as in not registered under the scheme, but I have full confidence in his competency though. If that makes sense...
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    Loft insulation

    Hi everyone, A really simple question I think. We're in the standard situation - we have no loft insulation but want storage space. I know that PIR boards are expensive but I seem to get the same or better U values with 50/100mm boards. Can I just cut and place these on top of the...
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    Simple advice

    Hi everyone, I have absolutely no colour awareness of "what goes" in terms of colours etc! My whole flat, including lounge, is magnolia. My sofas are a yellowy colour - I want a feature wall (the old chimney breast) to break it up a bit. What colours would go? I was thinking something...
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    Radial circuit

    Hi Iggifer! Thanks for the reply and help. I've recently moved in to somewhere and the armoured cable and twin socket was installed in the garage. I now want to expand to add a fluorescent tube for in the garage and a floodlight on front and back! In terms of the size of the armoured...
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    Radial circuit

    Hi, So there's an armoured cable running from a B32 MCB to a twin socket in the garage. That's the exisiting setup. MCB ----> twin socket I'm looking at doing this, is this safe? I'm running it in 2.5mm2 twin+earth. MCB ----> twin socket ------> 13A FCU (for a fluorescent tube)...
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    Running another socket from a junction box.

    B32 is the capacity I think!
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    Running another socket from a junction box.

    Sorry, not ignoring the question; I'm away from home at the moment so can't look. The other half is sending over a picture this evening - we can hope it's of the right thing!
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    Running another socket from a junction box.

    Sorry yes that's what I meant, socket not switch. Does it have to be 2.5mm2 ? Cr@p I bought too thinner cable 0- boo! Guess back to selco this eve!
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    Running another socket from a junction box.

    Crikey I'm glad I posted this - I was just gonna crack on and do it this evening. The most amusing part (for me) is the method I described above was what 2 electricians said they were going to do when they quoted today; this doesn't really leave me with much reassurance ! OK so the...
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    Running another socket from a junction box.

    Hi, I have an armoured cable run to the garage to a twin socket. RCD ----> Twin socket. It's a simple cable runs from fuse box to the socket. I want to add in a floodlight so was going to do this: RCD ----> Junction box ---> socket and another cable from junction box to the switch...
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    Laying garden path

    Hi, Ive just laid a patio with base of type 1, sand and sandstone. Now onto the path, do I use the same layers or can I dig out to the hard eat, sand and pavers? Thanks Graham
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    Adding sockets

    Hi, Currently I have 3 single sockets in the lounge, not particularly helpful with TV, router, printer (odd I know), XBOX, set top box etc. So I'm looking to add 3 double sockets. Before I start, I just want to check that my understanding is correct. 1) Adding sockets into a ring...
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    Laying new patio

    Hiya, I've been reading up on this and think I've managed to work it out. Just wanted someone to tell me anything I've not thought of! Currently have a "patio" which is effectively a huge lump of concrete and a raise cravy paved platform. I want this area to be a patio (all the way...
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