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    Veritas R8

    No. No zone 2 light was Illuminated. I'll go have another look tomorrow and get some more info. It's been a long week! Thanks so far all.
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    Veritas R8

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    Veritas R8

    I'm not round there at the min, but from power on basically everything lights up at once then goes off, and then when the double beep stars occurring, only the unset and power lights are lit. They only have door contacts. No detectors.
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    Veritas R8

    Hello, My neighbours have the above alarm in their rented property. It recently started nuisance alarming so they removed the fuse from the FCU until it died. On trying to repower the alarm all they are now getting is a series of double beeps, and from the manual that seems to indicate a...
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    Worcester Bosch 24i rsf not sparking.

    Hello, My (very old) boiler is not firing up. Reset button is in, and holding. Fan runs. Air pressure switch changes state when fan is running. Gas valve feels like it pulls in. (I'm not totally sure about this, but something clunks and it feels like the gas valve) Then after that...
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    A few flooring questions.

    Hello all. I'm wanting to lay a new floor in my front room. The current sub-floor is 22mm T&G chipboard flooring, the floor seems flat and is currently creak free so I'm loathed to pull the whole thing up. The floor I've settled on is engineer wood T&G. Right in the doorway there is a lintel...
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    Makita 18v lion 4.0ah compatibility

    Sorry to jump on this. Can I assume then that the new tools are not backwards compatible with the 3.0 batteries either. My BHP451 gearbox has had it, was gonna upgrade but may as well just get another BHP451 body from eBay whilst they are still available.
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    Stair Rods??

    Excellent, I like the stair rods! Last time I used screwfix own brand stair protector, I left it on the stairs and the route to the front door for two weeks, it left a sticky residue behind.
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    Using armour of SWA as CPC ;)

    It was corrected, it was glanded into the panel like it should have been. When I looked up the Cu equivalent of the armour, divided it by 40 and multiplied it by five I think it worked out at about 0.9mm from memory. Zs at the panel was 0.11, I realise there may have been parallel paths...
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    Using armour of SWA as CPC ;)

    This is the incoming supply to a power press that I've been called to a fault on this morning. I've had time to write this post because i'm sat in the canteen until the maintenance electrician sorts it. I'll be here a while from experience. A grand total of five armour strands are...
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    How do I remote read a L110 A03 Multirate Meter

    If electronics is your thing, and your meter has a pulse output. Alternatively the industrial solution; Both can be...
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    Derating AC rated contactors for DC use

    Oh an also, Rockwell came back to me; 32A AC-1 contacts can be used as 25A DC-1 contacts, so happy days
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    Derating AC rated contactors for DC use

    I won't be, I'll simply be having my device e-stopped by the machines existing e-stop circuit. Even If I created my own e-stop controls, I'd still have to interface with the machines e-stop circuit as its all part of a single automatic line. All done in accordance with BS EN 60204 and BS...
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    Ceiling Rose Knockout Removal

    :? //
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    Derating AC rated contactors for DC use

    Unfortunately the 24V cannot be switched off completely as its used for many other functions in the panel, including feedback from the very contactors I'm talking about.
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    Derating AC rated contactors for DC use

    Thanks John, You are probably correct, and as I say. My gut feeling is that I'll be ok, due to the nature of the load (solenoid valves, which are unlikely to all be energised concurrently) I was just curious to see if anyone had any bad experiences with a similar situation . Ill wait...
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    Derating AC rated contactors for DC use

    The contactors are forcibly guided safety contactors that are in an existing installation, I would like to use one pole from each contactor in series so that my DC supply Is e-stopped with the rest of the devices that are supplied via them. My feeling is that they wil be ok at 24V as it is...
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    Derating AC rated contactors for DC use

    Hi as above but with some further details. Say I have a contactor which is rated at 32A AC-1 at < 690V is there an appropriate derating factor for DC use when manufactures specifications cannot be located? I'm wanting know if the above contactor is capable of breaking 24V 20A dc loads...
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    Kitchen fan electric connections

    An Electrician who happens to have a swimming certificate, obviously