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    Electrical Pricing

    How long did it take him to complete the job and did you receive a certificate on completion?
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    height of sockets and switches

    What is the procedure for the location of smoke detectors in this situation, can they be wall mounted?
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    Covering eggshell paint

    Hi, i have posted in the painting section as well to get some ideas. I'm currently renovating my kitchen which every wall has eggshell painted directly onto the plaster work beneath. As I'm struggling to remove the eggshell can this be plastered/skimmed over. any suggestions welcome.
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    Covering eggshell paint

    I'm looking to renovate my kitchen but every wall has been painted with an eggshell paint directly onto the plaster. I have try using a scraper to remove it and take it back to the plaster but it wont budge. I have also tried to sand it down with electric sander put after painting the area i...
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    LED Security light - pre-wired?

    Ive found using a Galv Conduit 1way/stop end box easiest with a stuffing gland to take the pre wired flex. You will have to drill the back of the box out though and finish it off with a gasket and box lid.
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    House Rewire and new consumer unit

    I dont think you will find many 'competent persons' willing to connect the tails up to an intsallation someone else has installed.
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    Incoming electrical supply - can it be simplified

    The conduit looks like it could be supplying next door. If you have economy 7 then that tele switch will still be used. As for tidying upyou could probably do away with one of the tail blocks, but wont make much difference.
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    Transformers failing

    Cut your loses now and replace the low voltage fittings with 230v fittings and get rid of the transormer situation before you end up replacing them all over time. I havent installed a 12v downlight for some time now, for a number of reasons, much prefer 230v.
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    BYPASSED prepayment meter

    I was speaking to a meter installer the other day and enquired as to why they are now using brown and blue (outer sheath) meter tails instead of the old grey outer sheath with coloured inner sheath. He told me it was in place to cover their backs in the event of someone trying to bypass the...
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    Cat5 305m?

    ahh ok, i didnt click, should of realised! cheers
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    Cat5 305m?

    Just having a discussion about this at work and still can't find the answer, does anyone know why data cables cat5/6 etc come in 305 meter coils. Is this something to do with the max length of signal it can carry or something? Seems a very specific number?
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    Wylex isolators

    I have had 2 of these become faulty after installing them with a few months. One was exactly the same problem as you, where a phase was not isolating through the switch and gave a continuity reading through the switch in both on/off positions. The other fault was if the switch was latched all...
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    Ring not a ring

    What ever size you want them, and the circuit is designed to be.
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    Pointless Jobsworth

    someones on a day rate!!
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    Wiring a bathroom fan and lights independently

    You need to identify where the fan and lights are connected together. Assuming it is at the light or a JB, then you need to run another twin brown & Earth to the switch outside the bathroom. Your original switch wire from the pull cord should connect to both the fan and light at the same...
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    Garden electrics?

    1mm t&e for the lighting within the outbuilding (6A MCB) 2.5mm t&e For sockets (radial 16/20A) and depending on load you require turn it into a ring final/ring main (32A MCB) As for the rest ' Hot Tub, external power, ancillary buildings etc)' and most important the size of the cable to...
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    How is the SWA terminated on the house side, and is that circuit covered by an RCD (30mA) in the house consumer unit?
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    Depending on your istallation method, the lighting may also need RCBO protection for a certificate.
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    Kitchen refurb help

    16A even
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    Kitchen refurb help

    45A isolator to cooker outlet plate, take the plug tops off the appliances and connect them both to this. Protect the 10mm circuit with a 20A mcb at the consumer unit. When its time to upgrade the appliances, upgrade the mcb.