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    Mortar issue on edge of roof tiles

    Hi, I've had a sizeable lump of mortar fall out of the edge of my extension roof and am unsure what the right repair is. - Can I fill it back in myself with something like Tarmac Blue Circle mortar? - Or does it need the tiles to be removed to do it properly - by a professional? See attached...
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    Electric Towel Rail not heating up

    No, not at all, maybe did it once in a couple of years. Is it OK to bleed them like a normal radiator if this means there's no room for expansion?
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    Electric Towel Rail not heating up

    Thanks Spark123. I'll try it using the fuse measurement. But as a matter of interest, how do I measure the resistance across the element - can I do it without removing the element and draining the radiator? d
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    Electric Towel Rail not heating up

    Hi, I have a towel rail radiator which we use with the normal central heating in the colder months and it has an electric element in it which we use in the summer. It hasn't worked this summer at how do I know if - the fuse has blown - the element has died ? Thanks in...
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    breathable membrane for roof with no felt

    Hi, I'm planning on fixing up some sheeting to the underside of the rafters in the loft to stop dirt falling through into the loft - there's no felt under the tiles. I've seen the following on Screwfix which would seem to be up to the job - has anyone used it or can tell me if it is OK to...
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    Hi All, It looks like I'll be using some insulation boards for a bit of storage area in my loft. It seems Kingspan is a good way to go because it uses less thickness to achieve the right insulation amount. BUT which Kingspan product is actually the right one for loft boards? I'm a bit...
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    Loft insulation with 7cm joists

    Hi All, I'm looking to sort out the insulation in my loft. One half of the loft is part boarded currently, the other half has 100mm of insulation laid on top of the joists with scraps in between. The joists are only 7cm deep - at least until you hit the top of the lath and plaster...
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    Cleaning sealant

    Hi, I've just had to replace the sealant around my shower as it was coming away and leaking on the floor. I noticed that the leak always seemed to be worse after the bathroom had been cleaned. Are there certain cleaners which will rot the sealant and make it lose it's bond to the...
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    standing water on shower sealant

    I've found that the grout behind the rotten sealant needs scraping out - it's a bit soft and mouldy. I'd put the grout on there originally thinking it would act as a second line of defence but I'm not sure I'll bother this time - I saw a post which said there was no point. What do people...
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    standing water on shower sealant

    Thanks Mike. Sounds like I'm off to buy some expensive stuff tomorrow - I'd avoided buying UniBond stuff before due to price. Sounds like it is worth the extra. I don't quite get what you mean about letting it get damp to help cure it. Do I apply the sealant, then let it dry for an hour or...
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    standing water on shower sealant

    Thanks Rigid Raider. So should a good quality sealant be able to cope with a certain amount of standing water without coming away too quickly? I can cope with having to re-seal every year or two but not every few months.
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    standing water on shower sealant

    Hi, The sealant all the way around my shower has come away and we're getting leaks into the walls and out the front of the tray. The sealant is fresh on only a few months. I've noticed that the top of the shower tray is sloping towards the walls/front of the shower - away from the main...