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    Need to buy a new Washer/Dryer, recommendations please

    Sorry about that, he's just closed the forums for some reason.
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    how can i find how fast my braodband is running at???

    Well maybe saying BT is bad is pretty subjective, if you want a more expensive and slower service than most alternatives, in addition with inept customer services; go with BT.
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    What van do you use?

    VW Transporter; maybe a bit larger than what you were thining but they drive like cars, very econimical and lots of power.
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    how can i find how fast my braodband is running at???

    BT is pretty bad for broadband (and expensive as you see) there are hundreds of smaller broadband companies around, try eclipse?
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    Slow laptop

    Not suggesting you did or anything, but my mate had the same problem because he looked at too many porn sites and had so much spyware crap on his PC.
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    emailing large files

    Try uploading it to YouTube then sending people the link instead.
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    airport demonstrators

    I think the idea of demonstrating is to raise public awareness enough that the lobbying of government makes a difference, you know, try and get the Daily Mail readers on your side.
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    Cold Calling

    Cold calls (where you have had no contact with that company already) from anywhere to a UK number are illegal; the company needs to have sent you a leaflet or similar to call. If you're on TPS (and sometimes you can think you are but are not due to mistakenly ticking the dreaded "Yes send me...
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    airport demonstrators

    These protesters have at least been victorious in raising the issue with the UK public. We do fly a lot and some day we are going to have to start asking questions on whether this is sustainable or not. I did a bit of research on the groups behind the Climate Camp this month and many of them...
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    It's official ... Summer is over!

    You mean it began? Don't remember that.
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    Do you Vibrate too much at work?

    This was only shown to me recently as I was browsing the Black and Decker website; apparently there is registration in the UK to save people from vibrating too much at work whilst using power tools?! Black and Decker have even gone as far as including a "Vibrate-O-Meter" which checks if you...
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    Cold Calling

    I have worked in call centers in the past and the above descriptions sound like very negative experiences that are worse than every day practicality. Before the wolves are released to ravage my telesales corpse I'll state I'm not involved in the industry now since I've moved on to a 'proper...
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    Need to buy a new Washer/Dryer, recommendations please

    I had to buy one myself recently so know where to look. The shopping comparison sites are nice when you're looking for the cheapest price if you're buying on line: Kelkoo washing machines list This list is for more "green" washing machines apparently, although I wonder...
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    How do you soundpoof the bedroom floor?

    Moaning wives aside, I'm thinking of putting a home studio up which won't be super loud but enough to keep people sleeping in neighboring rooms; how would one soundproof a ceiling?
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    Removing patio door to move sofa?

    Have this potential problem soon, my neighbour has a large sofa which he bought from Sofa Workshop. (see here how Sofa Workshop's delivery driver had his work cut out to get it in in the first place!) but since then a large plate glass window has been put in. Alex my neighbour is thinking...