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    Lining paper/ paint over plaster

    Hi, I had great advice in the building thread about removing a partition wall. I have a plasterer coming tomorrow to skim the new plasterboard and ceiling where the partition was (I tried and know my limitations!!). I have a couple of questions 1. How long do I have to wait before...
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    Stud wall removal

    Thanks guys, will call a local builder for advise :D :D Sam.
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    Stud wall removal

    Hi Alistairreid, thanks for the quick reply and the friendly welcome!! Although I have done some diy, removing this bit of wall was making me worried about whether it is supporting or not, so I phoned a surveyor for a quote to nip out and check, that was the £300 I was referring to...
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    Stud wall removal

    Hi just looking for some advice. I am looking to remove a stud wall above, and around the side of some fitted sliding door wardrobes within my bedroom. this will create an alcove effect to place free standing wardobes. I have removed the wardrobe door frames and the plasterboard and I don't...