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    Hot Water Tank Emptied into Living Room

    I did only ask the plumber to fix the leak, My normal plumber and boiler man is away in France, so he couldnt do it. I turned the thermal storage back on this morning and it is now filled up and now have turned the boiler on, so far all seems well. The taps have been turned on and although at...
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    Hot Water Tank Emptied into Living Room

    Ive turned the thermal storage off for tonight, sounded like it was full. I will turn the boiler on in the morning, I would do it all now but really want to sleep after tonights events.
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    Hot Water Tank Emptied into Living Room

    Hi All, I was putting up a curtain pole this evening, when i drilled through what looked like a plastic 10mm water pipe. Hot water started to pour out for about 30 mins. I managed to turn the main water off and turned the boiler and the thermal water storage off. After it drained a plumber...
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    Air Admittance Valve Vibration?

    Hi All, Our house is under 4 years old and had numerous problems, the latest problem is when I flush the toilet it sounds like a pipe is vibrating inside the wall. Whilst in the loft today, the toilet got flushed and i heard the pipe vibrate, I looked around and under the insulation and...
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    Do I turn it off or turn it down (boilermate)?

    Hi, Im going away soon and i am not sure what to do with the boilermate. Do i turn the boiler down or do i turn it off and turn the thermal storage off aswell? I've searched the internet all day but cannot find an answer. Any help much appreciated.
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    Leaking Inlet Valve In Cistern

    I realised a few weeks ago that i could hear a drip inside the cistern, but the wife told me she had just flushed so i thought nothing of it. But i heard it again today and its been doing it all day. I have checked inside the cistern and its definately dripping from the inlet valve, from the...
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    Fence Painting!

    What would be the best to use? Sprayer or brush, I have started using a brush, but its taking a bit of time. I have got 14 - 6" x 6" panels, what would be best to use, Sprayer or Brush?
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    Fence Painting!

    After reading what people have said about using a sprayer to paint the fence, i take it, it aint a good idea!? I have got about 14 - 6" x 6" panels to paint, I have started using a brush, and looks really good, but does take alot of time. What would people suggest using? What is the best way?
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    Lawn Border

    yeah, Which one will look better and last longer?
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    Lawn Border

    I want to put a edge along my lawn, whats the best way to do it? Wood or the plastic green stuff?
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    Recliner Sofa

    We brought a 3 piece recliner sofa and was delivered yesterday. The guys that delivered it put the backs on when they arrived. My wife didnt think it was gonna be to big and put it all in the front room, now she wants to move the single recliner into the upstairs room. But we tried to move it...
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    Holiday - Boiler Mate

    I have a boiler mate gledhill intergrated thermal storage upstairs and a boiler downstairs which i can control the temp of the water. When i go on holiday do i turn the temperature of the water down to minimum or just to mid way!? First time i've gone away since i've had this boiler and the...
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    Jokes thread...?

    Whats Green and Smells of Paint...? Green Paint! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Whats orange and sounds like a parrot...? A Carrot
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    Crazy Lavender! Taking Over!

    I planted some really small lavender plants last year! and now...Well there extremely wild looking! They've grown across the path and very near the grass!! I want to pull them up and buy different plants but the wife wont let me! I tried cutting them back last year, but now they've grown back...
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    Rotary Washing Line

    Hi, I've just purchased a rotary washing line, Its quite a big one, its got 45m of line! Just wondering the best way to fit it. I've been given a plastic tube, just a little wider than the pole on the washing line! I want to put the line in the turf! But what would be the best way to do it...
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    Mushrooms and other weeds!

    I've recently moved into a new house. The whole site used to be a farmers field and now they built several hundred houses on it! I had a turf layed 4 months ago and all seemed well until last week when i noticed several randomly placed mushrooms appeared! And several other thorny weeds have...
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    Glow Worm 18 HXI

    Got a glow worm 18 hxi and a boiler mate 2000, Ive been advised to turn then boiler up full, i had it on half way. So this afternoon i turned it up full. 5 minutes later i was up stairs and heard something vibrating and it was the boiler, I turned it down and it stopped and then back up and it...
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    Boilermate 2000

    The valves on the radiators are on full, and the thermostat is always on zero. I use the switch on the side of the analogue timer (the on, off and timed switch) Its always off unless i want the radiators to work.
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    Boilermate 2000

    I have a boilermate 2000 upstairs and a glow worm boiler downstairs! But how do i use them? I've been told to leave the boiler on full and leave the boilermate on but control the radiators by using the thermostat! Is this corect? Im so confused!!