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    Picture & sound breaking up

    Hi all, hope you can help, I've just had a new ariel fitted as all 4 tv's in the house were beginning to get picture & sound break up, all are good now except one tv, this one works fine on BBC1 & 2 but any other channel its breaking up or says channel not tuned, so I had a play about and have...
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    smell in bathroom

    After some plumbing/drainage advice in today and we get a strong sewage smell in the bathroom and as soon as you flush the toilet it disappears for 30 mins..only to come back again..too dark to check the main drain but everything appears to be ok..Is it a coincidence it only started...
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    help needed with quotes

    Many thanks noseall, very much appreciated, hope you have a successful 2015 mate
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    help needed with quotes

    Fair comment many thanks for your input, it is greatly appreciated Had enough of sitework, know good lads who i trust for various trades one last question (sorry) does the M2 price include electrics and a feed for gas cooker, sink, bathroom etc ?
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    help needed with quotes

    Cheers for the reply noseall, thats how I did the last extension, it was time consuming, so thought this maybe a better option, have you any idea of prices form2 pricing ? when pricing everything do you contact local suppliers for prices or generally have a good idea of prices anyway just...
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    help needed with quotes

    If you'd rather pm, that is fine thank you again
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    help needed with quotes

    Hi everyone Hope someone can help, I'm a time served brickie, who has started doing more private work than site work and have heard a few people talk about pricing an extension by the m2, My question the the m2 of the elevations or the extension or the floor area? Also what sort...
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    Hotpoint Aquarius WF340

    block of red wires go in 1-5 along the edge, next is blue and white they go in 1-12 to the other end of the board black/grey go in j9 that in the corner go blue/brown into j1 then on the side of the board where the pins are sticking up leave to pins blank then goes the red/green/brown/grey...
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    Smart tv

    Hi I've recently bought a JVC smart tv, (obviously much smarter than me) the problem is I can't get it connected to the internet, On the tv is says no wifi dongle detected, I bought one for the tv, but then thinking maybe its faulty I used the one from the laptop as I know this works, same...
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    whoops, ground anchor problem. .

    cement grout will get a good grip of those and cheap as chips
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    Order of works

    Do the drawings not specify steel or lintel ??
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    Tying a brick fascia to the inner block wall

    or you could block bond it
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    Advice needed for drywall construction.

    Or pay someone £150 to do it properly :o)
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    Skip prices - what are you paying?

    doubled up post
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    Skip prices - what are you paying?

    Up till xmas was paying £100 for an 8 yd skip, price increase to £120 now midi £70 cash prices
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    Problem with structural wall changes & new RSJs

    Maybe I'm reading it wrong.... But I read it as the new block wall was built upon the old wall that was removed, and on original footing not the floor that was laid on a screed, like I say prob wrong as most others seem to be thinking differently
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    supporting existing beam

    Personally I prefer this method of casting in situ, when possible, just shutter the padstone, pour the concrete and then rattle the shuttering with a hammer drill, till the concrete stops settling, leave till next day and you've got yourself one hell of a good padstone at the perfect height ...
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    How flexible is flexible grout?

    Ask the surveyor what his specification is for flexible grout, then email the company of the grout you've used to see if this complies with the surveyors recommendation, then take it from there !
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    deposit refund

    So your out of pocket to the tune of hundreds, through no fault of your own, Hope you don't get many more jobs like this or you'll go bump soon, being so generous This should not cost you a penny!!!
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    deposit refund

    Give them £100 back and a break down of what you've charged them for, If it was a holiday they booked , they'd get nothing back, Why should you be out of pocket for their change of circumstance !!