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    Drilling joist for waste pipe

    Technically all drilled holes on a joist should be made in the middle or neutral axis, notches etc on top away from the edges. The hole drilled should be no more than .25 diameter of the depth of the joist so your joist is around 144-46mm in depth a quarter of that is maximum diameter of your...
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    There Must Be Something Out There That Will Drill My Walls!

    In theory the 2.6ah would last you longer not sure about the power, you'd need to look at the torque ratings etc for each drill. From my experience and that of others I know (carpenters) Makita generally make pretty robust and reliable drills, whereas Dewalt feedback I have heard is variable...
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    There Must Be Something Out There That Will Drill My Walls!

    The Bosch SDS drill is a cracker and will do what it says - will serve you well. Personally I would still go Makita on the cordless front over Dewalt but thats my opinion for what its worth. Blue Bosch second and then Dewalt third.
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    Didn't Bahco buy/merge with Sandvik, who once produced first rate tools and used Swedish Iron ore - best in the world. That's where the best sheffield foundaries would have gotten their ore from hence sheffield steels rep. My tool shop is one of the last of the old breed shops and know their...
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    What tool for digging Channel Drainage gully 300mm x 220 mm

    Go to a tool hire shop and tell them what you want to do - you'll want a minimum 25j breaker/hammer, Bosch GSH11E is a hire favourite. I take it its conrete you'll be removing?
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    Hardwood flooring query

    Many Thanks - yes in this case I'll go with the customer. Just interested in the experts views on the product. WYL Flooring is not my main area - 2nd fix carpenter. I don't normally float solid T&G although I know that this is becoming more and more common.
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    Hardwood flooring query

    Many Thanks WYL no its a living room and hallway. Environment is stable, no underfloor heating etc.. The only reason I was to use woodloc/click would be due to customers wishes and their budget - its a largish area and I would charge more if laying tongue and groove. I have laid Kahrs many...
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    Hardwood flooring query

    Customer wants engineered oak laid. Was going to use Kahrs, but am curious as to the new Parador woodloc/click system for solid oak, apparently this is a first, seems its the best of both worlds i.e. can be floated and clicked together and is solid wood. The underside of the floor has been...
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    Got the Impact driver bug!

    Many Thanks Paul, not great then. May consider the Panasonic cordless saw now.
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    Got the Impact driver bug!

    Firstly I have the 18v makita and its a great tool, as other's have said I wouldn't be without it. I have also found the little blue Bosch 10.8v mini drill/driver a great tool. Paul I posted about the Makita 18v lion kit got one reply but still not sure, like the weight, and convenience, but...
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    What make/type wood screw is everyone using

    Generally use screwfix gold or sometimes turbo gold. Also use Reisser screws which I find better for hardwoods and when screwing into endgrain and/or very close to the end/edge.
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    Looking to buy cordless jigsaw and circular saw

    Already have 18v Makita drills and impact driver (NiMH batteries). Initailly the new 18v lion Makita drill, jigsaw and Circular saw looked good - like the weight, 22 min charge time and battery properties, but have seen a post about someone who went for these reporting that they were gutless...
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    Please help with choosing a nail gun to fix cedar cladding

    As long as the nails are driven flush and not into or countersunk into the cedar I think you should be fine. Ultimately for the job a Paslode stapler would be the ideal choice imo but would have limited use for the other projects.
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    Please help with choosing a nail gun to fix cedar cladding

    Screwfix are currently doing a deal on the Pasode IM350 (First fix gas nailer). 70 odd quid off at £295 with a couple of boxes of nails thrown in (worth over £40) which include 51mm galvanised ring shank nails which will be ok for the cedar. The paslode is the nailer for studwork and decking...
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    Hinge jigs?

    Obviously you make the outline of the hinge recesss to be cut with a marking knife or marking gauge and chisel whichever you use. Then you set the depth of the plane blade to the thickness of the hinge then start from the outside of the door with the plane working in - so your first "cut" will...
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    Hinge jigs?

    In the past I have used a hinge jig - Trend - didn't really get on with this and a waste of time for 1 or 2 doors. I have used a home made template and small router/laminate trimmer and squaring off edges. But recently came across the Lie Neilsen Butt mortice chisel - only 70 odd quid and a...
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    Which size spirit levels are the most useful for GP use?

    If you can get to a Costco then they are doing a blinding deal on 3 Stabila levels 200, 600 and 1200mm for 18 quid you'd have all the sizes required for most jobs and some nice quality levels to boot.
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    New Van

    Well technically not a tool but didn't know where else to post - getting a new van soon around £11-12K to spend, anyway dad can get me a Ford ticket so looking at the LWB connect 1.8Tdci 90ps - meets my demands size wise and can pick up one with the extra's for around £10.5K. Its a Ford so will...
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    Router Buying Advice

    I have the Makita, a great machine great plunge action and very very robust. I use mine generally for worktops and heavy duties and its certainly man enough. I use a smaller trend for lighter work. I have never owned a Dewalt router but have used them on numerous occasions and the Makita just...
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    Skirting boards meeting at obtuse angle

    No its still fine to scribe the joint. All you have to do is cut the scribe back at a greater angle to ensure that the area that you have cut out/scribed does not come into contact with the profile of the skirting that it is to meet.