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    Improving airtightness

    Hello all, Having had problems with heatloss since moving in to a new house six years ago, I recently used a blower door to identify air ingress, it showed up the following areas: 1) Ground floor skirting boards - where the finished floor has shrunk slightly & left a narrow gap 2)Around...
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    Pressure vessel in loft - does it need insulating?

    With a pressurised central heating system, all pipes and taks are insulated in the loft apart from a small pressure vessel which is located on the loft floor above the insulation. It was suggested this should be insulated as it consists of half water / half air. I haven't had a problem...
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    Audi engine version and sourcing

    I'm looking for a 2008 Audi A3 diesel - Are car auctions still the cheapest place to buy? A recent auction price for a 2008 Audi A3 Sportback 5 door with 51000 miles was £8500 Could anyone advise whether there's a significant difference between the Audi 1.9 and 2.0 litre diesel engines in...
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    Audi DSG Auto clutch-any disadvantages?

    Are there any disadvantages of the DSG / S Tronic over the standard clutch and gearbox? I've read that they are more economical but what about durability and maintenance over the long haul? Thanks in advance.
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    Toyota Hiace version

    Another thought, what about the Hyundai H1. Is it as good as the Hiace with better fuel economy?
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    Toyota Hiace version

    Hi all, I'm unsure which Hiace model to choose. There are two rear-door models in the Hiace - one has a single tailgate hatchback-type door and the other double barn-doors. Has anyone had either of these models? There doesn't seem to be many barn-door versions around but the majority of...
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    Opening up fireplace to accomodate stove

    Does anyone know if a resin fire surround is suitable for using with a wood burning stove? It will have 150mm clearance at the sides and 280mm clearance at the top.
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    Opening up fireplace to accomodate stove

    Thanks. Could a steel lintel be used rather than a concrete one? It would mean less chiselling out.
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    Opening up fireplace to accomodate stove

    I intend removing an open fire and installing a wood burning stove in the near future. The fireplace opening (recess) will need to be increased in size in order to accomodate a stove so a longer lintel will need to be installed higher up than the existing one and then the lower one removed. This...