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    Hip Roof Joist Crack

    Hi After some advice. I own a new build, approx 6.5 years old. I was in the loft and notice that one of the hip roof joists has a horizontal crack, photos attached. The crack is about 1.5m long. It doesn’t go through to the other side of the joist and, although I am not sure, looks more like a...
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    Cracked Mortar on New Build

    Hi Thanks for the replies. Quite relieving that the cracks are normal and nothing to worry about. Cheers
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    Cracked Mortar on New Build

    Hi I would appreciate some advice. I bought a new build house a little over 4 years ago. I have recently noticed cracking in the mortar between some of the bricks on one side of the house. The cracking appears to be below the DPC. The cracks run about 5m along the length of the wall, roughly...