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    Increase drying time for self levelling compound

    Hi. I need to level a 24m2 room, but it's only me doing it. I have bought Mapei 3240, and I see that it says the open time is 20 mins. I assume this is time I have to work with it before it starts to set? Is there any way to lengthen this time to allow me to mix further batches? I dont need it...
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    Single skin brick shed has damp/mould on internal walls - options?

    Thanks all. So I'm about to ask a probable dumb questions... In building a stud cavity layer per my original post, would the mould be reduced because... a) the internal wall (plasterboard or ply) is no longer physically touching the brick surface if a DPM sheet is used? (so there would always...
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    Single skin brick shed has damp/mould on internal walls - options?

    Hi - I had a new brick shed built in my garden two winters ago, and my mistake was keeping it as a single skin brick wall for the sides and rear. All internal walls have been skimed and painted but I'm now getting damp especially where I have shelving against the walls where air can't...
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    Where to buy timber for furniture

    Hi big-all Sorry, you may have misunderstood.... I'm not aiming to make pieces in order to earn an income.. it's still just a hobby to take me away from the day job, and likely I'll just give pieces away to friends and family or whatever they may want to 'donate' for the piece. I've just...
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    Where to buy timber for furniture

    Hi I'm slowly branching out into making quality end furniture pieces (starting with small tables probably). I'd like to use nicer hardwoods than stuff found at wickes, bq, or the likes, but any suggestions where I should look to buy? I'm on the Hertfordshire/Essex border so somewhere close by...
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    Sheet material for templating

    Hi. I need to cut some templates for glass balustrade and for the company to use to cut the pieces. Any suggestions on what I can use and where to buy from? I was going to use hardboard but then thinking there must be a plastic rigid sheeting that's easier to cut with a knife. I've seen sheets...
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    Tiling on wrong side of Aquaboard

    Morning So a previous builder installed Aquaboard in my ensuite the wrong way around... the rough side is showing. :( I need to tile onto this so wondering what I need to do to the surface? Can I get away with apply a suitable primer? Any suggestions? Thanks..
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    Condenser Dryer with vent?

    Hi all I need to replace my condenser dryer with something new. I'm cautious and want something with an external vent to get rid of heat. The utility room is pretty small and want to avoid things overheating. The dryer will be under a worktop with a side panel so enclosed. ...but I would also...
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    Iron on edging on chipboard

    Hi – I’d need to apply some iron-on edging to some chipboard cupboard doors. In the past I have ended up heating too much so the edging has melted any become pitted. Any tips on how to get a better finish? I’m going to use a lower temperature on my household iron (that’s all I have available...
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    Paint external pipes same colour as walls

    Evening all.. The rear wall of my house has 7 train outlets from historic pipes to new en-suites. The pipes have either been painted black or are standard black PVC. There are so many skating across the wall that they are a real eyesore. Given this, I need to think of a way to blend them in...
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    Raise floor level for wood flooring

    Hi Any ideas how to pack out a 19mm gap beneath my wood flooring? I have a 45mm floor differential between my kitchen and hallway. I plan to lay 12mm ply to level over floorboards, and my flooring in 14mm thick. That leaves a 19mm gap I need to fill. I was going to use different thicknesses...
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    Secure an island in the kitchen

    Hi am installing several units in the centre of my kitchen that will act as an island. The floor has been tiled. I have installed electric loose wire underfloor heating though not in the area under the island. Any suggestions on how I should fix the units to stop them from moving around? I...
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    Spurs for kitchen appliances

    Hi guys Thanks a lot for advice - very useful So I'm assuming that whether you need a fused spur or not is not dependent on the size of the live feed used (I.e. 2.5mm, 6mm, etc)? Does it make sense for me to simply check on each appliance to see if it already has a moulded plug or not and...
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    Spurs for kitchen appliances

    Hi. My builder and electrician are running cables for all my appliances in my new kitchen. So some questions for my own understanding:.. 1 - do all appliances need a fused spur, or just high amp appliances like electric ovens? I have ovens, fridge freezer, wine cooler, hob, extractor...
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    Which board for a meter back board?

    So I saw the cef website mentioned, and yes seems a bit premium, but hopefully no one can argue with that. Neither the previous meter replacement guy or the grid guy that came flinched at moving it to the side of the current meter, so I'm going with that; I think to move it outdoors from where...
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    Which board for a meter back board?

    Hi I need to have my electricity meter moved which grid guys are willing to do (they have been around once already). It sounds like I need to supply and fit the back board for this, and I'm fine with this as I want it to be in a specific spot to allow for space for a bigger CU later. But...
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    Wall hung toilet fixings

    Hi guys. Anyone know where I can buy the black wall hung toilet fixing pieces like: I've taken my toilet off the wall and one of the flappy bits has bent and not holding the...
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    Makita 18v Li-ion battery has just stopped! :(

    Can't be the heat as I only made a first cut from rest and then it stopped halfway through the second. I need to complete the job over the coming days so will post back if anything happens again..
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    Makita 18v Li-ion battery has just stopped! :(

    Afternoon... I left it on the charger for a few hours and it revived itself. Not sure what's happened, but will monitor if it does again. I'll post details if so.. Thanks for the interest..!
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    Makita 18v Li-ion battery has just stopped! :(

    Hi I bought a Makita cordless circ saw last Aug (2014). Have used it only sparingly. Just tried to cut some 12mm plywood. Managed to make one cut but halfway through my second cut, it's just stopped. Thought it needed recharging but when I place on the charger, it only has the red solid...