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    Lowering airing cupboard floor

    Looks great, you need a shower tray to be super-rigid. Definitely good to over-do it, keep those edges and waste pipes sealed.
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    Is damp usually condensation?

    Total nonsense, cherry-picked evidence. One daft study that defies common sense in every way. Any bricky knows that building a wall with wet bricks is a nightmare because... they absorb water, shock horror. Because they're made of porous material. Instead of staring at a screen, pick up a...
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    Core Holes in a wall - How Close Is Too Close? (Ed.)

    If you're drilling above then it won't make much or any difference. Alongside it would be more of an issue. But I can't picture the situation from your description, a photo or diagram would be helpful. I can't understand why a short duct would be an issue, it would just reduce the potential...
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    Lowering airing cupboard floor

    I hope you've actually tried attaching a bit of wood where the new ceiling will be and walking up and down naturally - not just carefully standing there. If you're under 6 foot tall then ask someone taller to try it. I don't understand why you're bothering with seemingly designing it to sag...
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    Raising the conservatory floor to house level.

    Get your spade out and dig down the outside of the wall in a couple of spots, dig down the edge of the concrete footing. If there's black topsoil under it, as is common for conservatories, then it's not suitable for adding the weight of a proper roof. It would look great for a couple of weeks...
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    Is damp usually condensation?

    The "rising damp doesn't exist" conspiracy theory has been doing the rounds for decades. Total rubbish, spouted by idiots. Here's a more informed opinion...
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    A mystery of the damp cold room in the house

    Relative humidity is temperature dependent. If you took the air from a warm room with low humidity then cooled it down without adding any water then its relative humidity would increase. Warm air can absorb more water. The absolute humidity hasn't changed, but the colder air is less capable...
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    Pergola of sorts

    Concrete posts can be surprisingly easy to snap if you get enough leverage. I had to move one, it was only a couple of years old and concreted in. It snapped near the base very easily after a push. You'd have a couple of metres of leverage. Someone casually leaning on it could snap it...
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    Driving over underground waste pipes (Ed.)

    Clay or plastic? Old or new? There are huge differences. I found our drainage was dependent upon a pipe made of sawdust, asbestos and tar from the 1950s. Needless to say it wasn't very well. If old clay then it will be fragile, especially at the joints. The risk probably isn't a pipe...
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    Vertical Crack through bricks - 3 storey townhouse

    Yes, and/or get someone qualified in to have a look, perhaps a structural engineer. You may not have much comeback against the builder after 18 years if it was botched. It's not going to fall down though, it's just an annoyance and it looks bad, and would have been much easier to prevent it...
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    Vertical Crack through bricks - 3 storey townhouse

    It's hard to tell from the photo, but I'm wondering if there's meant to be a movement joint in the internal corner where the neighbour meets your end wall - it looks like there may be brown sealant there? If so then it's failed to move there and should be looked into - it may be a fake movement...
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    Heating a outside guest room

    For that sort of usage just any electric heater. Just get literally anything - radiators, convectors, an electric fire. It doesn't matter, they all cost the same to run so it's just a matter of cosmetics. A £500 heater will cost the same to run as a £20 one. Underfloor heating wouldn't be...
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    Vertical Crack through bricks - 3 storey townhouse

    It looks to me like it's just cracked at the weakest point between the two buildings. It's a long length of wall, there should have been a movement joint somewhere along its length. It's probably just shrinkage, as there's no vertical movement. Basically the two houses have shrunk and moved...
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    Does this look like 10 tons of MOT?

    I reckon it's taller than the wheelie bin. It's bigger than it looks in the photo.
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    Does this look like 10 tons of MOT?

    It's very hard to tell from the photo, as it's an unknown distance from the camera. The wheelie bin isn't much further away and looks pretty small. You'll need to measure and guesstimate using the link above.
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    How much haunching can I cut away?

    It may be there as drainage. If you replace it with anything non-porous or less porous then you may get flooding. Check with a long level, the tarmac patches may all slope towards the gravel.
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    Confused by Concrete Calculations

    I'm pretty sure fibres and steel are used together in commercial projects. The steel is for strength, the fibres to reduce the chances of shrinkage cracks, though both do both jobs to a degree.
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    Does this look like 10 tons of MOT?

    It's smaller than the 8 tons I got last summer. But it's wet. You've bought the rain that landed on it before it was loaded, unfortunately just a fact of life.
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    How much haunching can I cut away?

    I'd be very happy if something as minor as this was the top of my to-do list.
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    Stone windowsill repair

    Anything you put on top will only stick as well as the paint already isn't, so could blister or flake off. If you're really bothered by it then it could be chemically stripped back, taking great care to cover the walls below and those solar panels. Or just put a nice thick gobby coat of paint...