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    cctv camera

    Place it out of reach? Harden it so it's more difficult to remove? Use a separate IR light source? Multiple cameras?
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    War against damp, whats next?

    If one room is colder than the others in the house, and the door is open, all the warm, moisture-laden air will condense its water load on any cold surfaces, which'll be your outhouse. Also damp from the floor is possible, but if it's unheated and un-insulated, condensation would be my first...
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    Boiler in Loft (I know its been asked a million times...)

    If it's a cold loft, you will need to consider the risk of freezing and subsequent water damage.
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    Remove ALL data from laptop

    Balance paranioa with level of effort and cost. Only secure way is physically destroying the drive. That is why most corporate computers are sold ex-drives. Simplest way is deleting the data and emptying the recycle bin - but references such as recently used file list can still trip you up...
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    Can a layman demolish a double garage?

    Get a mini digger in. They're very cheap to hire, will save you all the heavy lifting, it'll be a lot safer to demolish. You may need a breaker too if the patio conrete is thicker than say 2 or 3 inches.
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    PC fan

    Good clean, including cooling fins and any filters. Dust builds up and coats them, reducing cooling ability. Temps rise so the fan is told to spin faster to compensate. Compressed air is the best method - either an airline or a tin of the stuff.
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    Stiff Speedfit pipe

    You are actually uncoiling it by unrolling and not simply lifting the coils off the roll as they are, aren't you? Speedfit is fairly stiff, but if not unrolled it will keep trying to twist back on itself.
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    Stiff Speedfit pipe

    Each has benefits, and almost everyone uses copper for finish work. But don't disregard plastic - for long runs in the loft, behind skirting, under the floor etc it's perfect. Can be fished in one length, strung airbourne - it's a lot quicker to lay. Also - it withstands freezing, which...
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    Reccomend me a CORDED reliable drill

    Did these guys lead you astray? SDS+ is not a multi-purpose drill and is not going to be ideal for wood, plasterboard, steel (not fast enough for HSS bits), or anything other than masonry. Sure, you can turn the hammer off, but it'll lbe heavy and slow. :( On the positive side, your masonry...
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    PC PVR receorder - W7 64bit

    It's a common problem, and why win64 has still not entered mainstream until relatively recently. IMO, stick with XP32 or win7 x32 unless you have a specific need to upgrade, and especially if you have older hardware. Your life will be smoother for it.
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    Anyone used 'loft flooring legs' instead of cross battening

    They look like a good idea which on further study may be a bad idea. Unsure how often these are supposed to go, but even at a short distance they will introduce point loading on the joists below. If those joists are typical ceiling joists and you're storing a lot of weight above, they'll bow...
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    Roof rafters an inch lower at one end - Advice please?

    Are you sure it's not been done deliberately? Flat roofs usually have a very small fall so you know where the water's going to come off. Sorry if that's too obvious but it's not clear from your description if it's falling to somewhere not suitable.
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    Streaming from PC to TV

    I love my Popcorn Hour. Stupid name but really clever bit of kit. All my tv is recorded on a computer elsewhere (via mythtv), and I can view any of this along with films etc by laptop, desktop and with the PCH, on the big telly. Needs a wired connection to the network (or wifi router...
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    Water under floor boards

    Sounds like digging some test pits outside wouldn't be a bad idea, to establish if the water table actually is that high? (Dig a series working away from the house, cover, monitor levels of them over a period of time. Compare levels inside the house before and after rain.) As a terrace...
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    Is it just me who thinks this forum is often belligerent?

    Thanks for posting this thread, and it depresses me hugely because this is such a useful and otherwise interesting forum and you are correct. I would spend a lot more time here, and have a lot of knowledge to share as well as learn from others, but the flaming and personal attacks from what is...
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    To pay or not to pay

    Yes, agree. Don't pay. Legally he has no right to payment. Morally you could come to an arrangement, but by the sound of it you aren't happy with the quality of the work and it has in no way eased the proper decorators who came later. If he'd painted 1 of 4 sides of the house and the...
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    Best way to join 2 cold water tanks??

    Mostly with the others, but if you do decide to do it. there are two ways. First is to join the two tanks with short lengths of pipe and tank connectors, as wide as you can cheaply get fittings for. The downside of this is that a leak in one will drain both and that the fittings sometimes...
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    pc problem

    Changing a motherboard, unless it's a direct swap, will require a reinstall of Windows. It's trying to use low level drivers for the wrong chipset, and unlike mac and linux, windows has always handled this ungracefully. Same thing when trying to transfer a hard drive with windows to another...
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    Should I buy a working platform?

    Trades will prefer to rent in scaff, even small stuff like this because: 1. You're paying. 2. Regular (sometimes weekly) Scaffold inspections (a HSE requirement) are done by the hirer. They don't need to train or pay for this. 3. Flexibility. Scaff or hire company will be able to...
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    Hardcore for retaining wall

    Not enough info. What you describe is fine for a small retaining wall, but a hand-tamper is not going to be able to consolidate well enough for a sizeable retaining wall.