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    Strengthening a bath.

    Seeing light through the bath when it was next to the french door made me think it is really not as well made as it should be. It was only in a few patches where I could see light. This made me think it was a fault. Most reinforced baths have 1 or 2 extra layers of polyester resins providing...
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    Strengthening a bath.

    I have got a bath to replace our current bath and am not too happy with it. It is a standard acrylic or fibreglass bath with an integrated base board. I have had a carronite bath before and was very impressed with its stregth and heat retaining qualities. However, now I have this bath I do not...
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    Unknown copper pipe underground?

    Thanks for the reply. 15mm just seems really small for a main supply pipe. When you say they used to use it, this might mean it is now not in use and the plastic pipe is now in use. Would it be OK to wrap the pipe in someting and just concrete over it? Many thanks.
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    Unknown copper pipe underground?

    Hello everybody, I have been digging ready for the foundations to a new porch and have come accross a 15mm copper pipe. This is running the full length of one of the trenches. I am not sure what it might be for and am thinking that it is not in use anymore. I know that it is not our water...
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    Restoring old recorod vice

    I have just got an old bench with 2 record 52e woodworking vices. I have removed the vices for restoration. They are siezed and will not open/close. Could anyone offer any advice on restoring these vices. My main issues are getting the 2 guide rails free of rust. Should these be coated in...
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    Lining interior of workshop.

    Hi all, I am just about to start lining the inside of my wooden built workshop. It is constructed using 4" x 2" studwork. I was planning on using 18mm plywood (exterior hardwood as it looks nicer). My main reason for this is that it should be possible to hang quite a lot of weight from it ie...
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    Extension / Boundary issue

    Thanks for the reply. I did not think what he was saying was quite right. I can not believe they would be happy with the level of land on their property as it will surely have issues for penetrating rising damp. Would it be possible to put in something very thin to act as a retaining wall? At...
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    Extension / Boundary issue

    Hello everyone. I have a bit of an issue with our neighbours at the moment concerning our extension. We live in an ex local authority semi (still LA next door). I put a single story extension up a couple of years ago. On the bouside with the adjoining property I came 50-75mm short of the...
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    Wiring outbuilding?

    Hi everyone, I am just completing my workshop at the top of our garden and the next big step is the electrics! I want to do as much as possible myself to save money. At the moment I have layed 6mm 3 core SWA cable from the house and fed it into the workshop. It is from here that I am a bit...
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    Extension too big?

    Thanks for the help. I think I can get the inspectors in now to sign off. I guess that if I have gone outside of PD then the only way the planning department will find out is if someone informs them, and that is unlikely as it has been up now for 3 years and the houses either side are still LA...
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    Extension too big?

    Hi, it was done under permitted development on a building notice, being within the permitted cubic size. I seem to think that I specified the size I have built to on the plans. However, I have been reading now that there is a 3 metre rule for terraced and semis. It has been inspected along every...
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    Extension too big?

    I have recently built our extension on the back of our house. I am just getting ready to call the building inspectors to sign it off. The problem I have just discovered is, that, although the overall size is 70 cubic metre I have gone over the 3 metre from the back wall of the house. I...
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    Insulating garden lodge

    Hi all. I have just completed building our garden lodge and am not too sure on what kinds of insulation I am able to use. I was thinking of using a rigid foam board like kingspan or a mineral wool like rockwool or knauf dritherm. Which of theses would be best? Would it also be possible to use a...
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    Workshop base / floor.

    Hi everyone. I am building a wooden workshop at the moment. It has a wooden floor using 8"x2" tanalised timber. It is sitting on 5 brick walls I built using class b engineering bricks with a damp proof course in it. My question is, do I need to put any kind of membrane in between the timber...
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    Gravel boards

    You could use fence panel brackets to fix them in place. This will prevent your panels from rotting but your wooden posts will still rot after time.
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    Preparing for laying turf.

    Hi all, I am preparing to lay a new lawn in the back garden and I am wondering on the best ways of preventing weeds growing through the new lawn. At the moment I am levelling the groung and trying to remove as many weeds as possible. However, it is, of course, going to be impossible to get up...
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    New workshop boundary question!

    Thanks for the info and help guys. I think that it is a safe risk worth taking. One of the things in my favour is that most of the houses in our street our housing association houses so the people who live in them don't own them and are less likely to say anything, I think. Looks like a nice...
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    New workshop boundary question!

    Well, will not really affect anyones view as the garden it backs onto is raised by about 2 feet. It can onlt enhance the view of the garden as it is going to be quite a nice looking workshop / lodge type building. I think my my main concern would be when we come to sell. In the meantime I...
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    New workshop boundary question!

    Hi, I am just starting to build my new workshop. It is going to be a wooden structure of aprox 20 meters square. I have read that if it is a combustable or wooden structure then it needs to be 1 meter from the boundary. I have planned on having it about a foot from the boundary. My question...
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    2 gang 1 way lighting.

    I have been having problems with the lighting in the bedroom. It is 2 lamps operated by 1 2 gang switch. There are 2 3 core cables (earth, red and black with red tabs). I am connecting the red of each cable to the common or L terminal and the black to the L1 terminal and the earths to the...