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    Adding a lighting spur to socket spur

    Thanks all - very helpful. Yes, apologies don't mean a lighting ring - meant a "circuit".
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    Adding a lighting spur to socket spur

    Hi there I am hoping to confirm my plan for adding a lighting spur to a socket spur for a TV socket and some LED downlights. Currently I have a socket on an existing ring. From this I plan to wire to: FCU with 13 Amp fuse >>>> Double socket >>> FCU with 3 Amp fuse >>> Lighting ring Will be...
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    Upgrading from Centaurplaus C27 programmer to Nest Gen 3 Heatlink

    Hi there I am just in process of upgrading my current Centaurplaus C27 / Drayton Thermostat to a Nest Gen 3 Heatlink. Hoping to get confirmation from the helpful users of this forum on the wiring changes I am proposing to make. Photos of the current wiring setup in the C27 and the Thermostat...