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    Can someone identify this type of stone please?

    Looks like limestone to me
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    When paving an area, at what point is drainage required?

    You don't want to create a wet area. You can't drain your water to neighbors land or council land ect. You could dig out the area and use type one stone and drain water to base.. Also it depends on what your paving with, block or slab ect
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    Soak away by a patio

    As above, clay doesn't work as a soakaway, you just make a pond
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    Whats the least back breaking way to lay a patio?

    Technique is everything when laying slabs. Let the slab take the weight, walk the slab, rocking corner to corner. Place slab on edge of laid slab , slab standing up and lower it into place, adjust with trowel or shovel to get gaps correct. Repeat
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    Lots of oil on Patio

    Try washing powder and boiling water, scrub leave ,rinse ,repeat
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    Sand for slab laying

    You need course sand or grit sand which is also known as sharp If wet laying with mortar you want building sand. Your merchant seems to have staff with no knowledge?
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    Shed base for plastic shed

    6 X 2x2 40mm pressed grey slabs
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    Laying new patio with drainage dilemma

    I'd always try and keep water away from the house if possible. You'll probably be ok with natural drainage but if it isn't sufficient you can always dig a small relief drain so the surface water gets away to another area,soak awy or low lying safe area to drain ..
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    Patio slabs problem

    As said , very poor job
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    riven slab

    I'm glad your not my neighbor , as above
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    Patio over waste pipes

    Its plastic pipe. You wont damage it with compacted mot stone ect . Base it up, sand cement over pipe if you want to be ott and lay the patio. Plastic pipe is very strong unlike salt glaze and clay.
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    Re pointing between slabs ? How to do it

    Yes you are asking that.. avoid using cement. Use geo-fix ,you simply pack into joint and finish with a brick iron.
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    Re pointing between slabs ? How to do it

    4:1 , brick laying wet if using a mortar gun.
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    Re pointing between slabs ? How to do it

    You would be better off using geo-fix jointing compound or similar. Dry mix and damp down is very amateur and will last about a month before weeds re appear. Wet mortar is the best applied with a mortar gun for diy and pro.
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    Artificial grass is it worth putting in my garden?

    Fake grass gets very hot on sunny days, can burn kids and pets feet . As said if you must ,do it properly
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    Choosing the correct porcelain paver size

    They will be easy. The 1200x600 wont be that heavy,far lighter than a 900x600 pressed concrete slab. You either walk the slab if on your own,or not used to lifting..or 2 person. Walk or carry to mortar bed, then lower onto mortar. Tap to level with a rubber mallet. Lay each slab on the single...
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    Relay block paving cost?

    I used to charge around £25 m2 for a pick up relay with sand only . 2016, so not long ago If the base needed work that would depend on what was required. For you with 200mm of base ,I'd say its settled now so should be fine . So around £5-800 should be about right, It's a days work maybe 2...
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    Paving Question, how much sand for 10m2 of paving

    Cement comes in waterproof bags ,so not a problem. Mix 4:1 for you paving.
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    Paving Question, how much sand for 10m2 of paving

    One bulk bag will be close , wet mix use plasticiser and PVA with a full bed. Brick laying wet not damp like the post earlier you commented on
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    I want a 2m high garden fence... Why are all the ready made panels 1.83m?

    Gravel board, 1.8 panel..hey presto 2m high fence